"What if" Serge is teaching you to be a Narcissist?

Narcissists create their world ast it reflects back to them
Narcissists construct their world as it reflects back to them.  A low empathy state resides behind a facade of charm and unusual responsiveness manipulated  to confirm their grandiose self-image.


What is a Narcissist?

Narcissism affects about 3-5% of the population. Like the word cult, it seems like a derogatory term but it is no more so than any other clinical terms, for example ADHD or bi-polar. It describes a certain mental/body dissociative state. The name is derived from the legend of Narcissus who fell in love with his own image- the allegory being that these people are unable to “feel” how they are in the world, and rely on their ‘image’ as a sense of their place and identity.

The condition arises from trauma’s of childhood ( generally) whereby a child form a bond with a parent and there is/maybe some sexualisation of that bond whereby the child feels excited but naturally attempts to deny those feelings. The denial of those feelings commences a process of feeling neutralisation and the person learns how not connect to their ’emotions’. This is compounded when the child becomes a complicit partner with one or both of the parents and is made to feel equal in the relationship and becomes emotionally involved with their states, ideas and problems.They are ‘seduced into giving up their sexuality and offered in its place the image of being special

If the attached parent is suffering from dissociative states themselves and does not know how to express ‘love’ ( acceptance, encouragement, genuine melting emotion) this can compound the depth the condition. This child can be made to feel both very special and rejected at the same time. Because they are given adult roles, they begin to believe they are god like in their abilities, while at the same time fearing rejection and suppressing feelings. The child can take on the role and ideas of the parent while at the same time later rejecting them as they were rejected themselves.

Naturally, there are varying degrees of Narcissism and it can be accompanied by other conditions. An adult Narcissist may operate quite normally in society and may only suffer from a mild sense of ‘disconnection’, or they may become pathological, psychotic or grandiose in which case the manifestation may take a different form, such as becoming manipulative, charming, overbearing, controlling, and so forth. Many if not all cult leader suffer from Grandiose Narcissism.

Narcissists are not aware that other people do not experience the world the way they do. They of course believe, as they have no evidence to the contrary, that the people with whom they interact are having the same experience. They are charming, usually like to hug to avoid eye contact, can keenly read how others ‘feel’ via how they appear ( as they have a sharpened outward sense as a reflection of themselves), intelligent, and often appear generous and warm. When the world is not reflecting according to their idea of themselves, they can be cold, calculating, manipulative, blaming, paranoid, insensitive and tyrannical.

Key Symptoms of Grandiose Narcissism.

  • Suppressing feelings/emotions
  • Fixation with the body and it’s ‘feelings’ ( or lack thereof)
  • A sense of Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience
  • A desire for people to value them highly or ‘worship’ them and their ideas
  • A sense that they will experience special sexuality transcending normal love.

Serge’s key ideas:

  • Emotions are to be avoided. ( they are pranic/not real/creations of the lords of form)
  • Livingness” is being ‘in your body’ ( something he doesn’t sense easily as like most narcissists his view of the world is shaped by how he thinks others see him)
  • He is masterful, has been major historical personages, is able to sense all energy in the universe and move into other dimensions at will.
  • Most people cannot make love. Serge is capable of making ‘true love’ because he is masterful.

What is Emotions?

Emotions are a necessary human sense.  It is the ability to sense our internal movements of energy. For example, fear, pity, sadness, happiness, joy, humour, hate, love. There is a sensation within our bodies we can all agree on,  that is a natural and necessary nature of the human condition. Emotions emanate from the body and are experienced in the mind. How we relate to our emotions is our ’emotional life’.

Denying emotion and feeling is a form of psychotic behavior. At its extreme end, people become catatonic. Emotions can be powerful as we all know. A function of wisdom is learning how to temper and use emotions positively, rather than suppressing them.

“Everyone loves, hates, gets angry, sad and frightened. A “Special Person” has be above their body and emotions”

What is Love?

There are many definitions of the word love. However, in the human sense, it is an emotional state of ‘tenderness’ and ‘melting’ felt towards someone or sometimes, something. Love involves acceptance, encouragement, subjugation of ones own needs in favour of another, endurance, forgiveness. Physiologically we are more able to do these things when we feel ‘love’ towards someone.

It has a real presence as a feeling in the solar plexus and is accompanied by changes in body temperature, circulation, heart rates and pupil dilation. In the case of romantic love between a couple, it is that feeling over simple sexual or genital excitement. Sexual feelings between people who love each other are accompanied b a feeling of ‘melting’ and ‘warmth’ rather than simple genital excitement alone.

The notion of Divine or Cosmic love has a natural personification as we are not capable of seeing it any other way. It is impossible to think of a God that does not love us in the first sense of the word. However, as God is a non visible conceptual entity, divine love is often expressed as ‘void’, above and beyond human love.

Serge’s key ideas:

  • Emotions are hooks that people put into you.
  • Emotions are ‘pranic’ or from the life force and are to be avoided, or suppressed.
  • Love is “without a single ounce of emotion”
  • Human love is ‘lower/animal/carnal’
  •  Men have sex for release only. Women have sex to be accepted. Most if not all,  people are incapable of making love.

The denial of ( non approved) Art, Music, food,  outside activities and so forth is an extension of this ‘denial process’. By learning to deny the everyday, enjoyable and normal, the student learns slowly how to deny themselves what they desire, and eventually their feelings and own emotions.

It appears, ironically, that Serge is teaching his students how to emulate his state while at the same time developing a sense of his omnipotence through the reflection of their following. 

“Psychotic personalities tend to amass followers….they know all too well how to play on the fear and weaknesses of others…they they proclaim they will be the light and security others seek. In their own minds they hold themselves superior…desperate lost and frightened people turn to the as saviors, creating a flock of followers. The more followers there are, the more ‘social proof’ and normalisation of the otherwise often fantastic and absurd claims of the narcissist..”

“The sense of Omnipotence are attributes of God which on a deep level psychopathic narcissists see themselves as. Too often their followers see them in that light too”.

Serge’s Key Idea:

  • He alone knows the ‘energetic truth’- he is leading the world into the New Era and is a representative of a ‘Hierarchy’
  • The vision extends to his family, who are reflective extensions of his own ego. They are ‘seers’ and incarnation of remarkable individuals.
  • Serge can ‘clear’ bad energy, remove ‘bad entities’
  • Serge knows more than everyone, any tradition or discipline.

Serge has fool-proofed his system of thought by declaring emotions and emotional love as ‘pranic’. The Student is offered a hypothetical alternative, which is a cosmic love. An ideal that can forever be striven for, but never achieved as only by entering a state of total pscyhosis can one acheive a ‘no-emotion’ state.
Contrary to other spiritual traditions, which emphasis transcendence over the normal mind, in order so the normal mind may perceive more keenly, Serge’s idea is to deny ones feelings and to attempt to ‘sense’ via a hypothetical organ within the body, ‘soulfulness“.

What he is really expressing is a personal connection ( and this is most likely his epiphany) to the well of feelings that the average person feels routinely, and paradoxically he is training his students not to acknowledge.

There is no point over speculating on Serge’s early life but it would fit that he was brought up by an overly religious parent or parents, that there were abnormal sexual events, a sense of specialness through some complicity with a parent and that he did not achieve goals that he assumed were his natural right. There is a definite overt interest in women’s sexuality and bodies in his books and talks and the denial of masculinity which fits with the pathology discussed.

It is unfortunate that the followers of Serge remain unaware that the state of ‘clearness’ they so desire and they believe he personifies is actually a pathological state most likely requiring treatment. In some ways they will experience inner peace as denial of ‘feeling and emotion’ will have that effect.

Of course, the price is disconnection from the rich tapestry of life which involves both love and pain. That is how we are forged and wisdom is truly won.


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Educator, Somerset, England. Rationalist. Realist. Bulldust detector.

7 thoughts on “"What if" Serge is teaching you to be a Narcissist?”

  1. How bizarre. I have a very rich life, loving partner and family, many friends happy in my chosen career, my health is great and I wake each day feeling awesome . I read here however that I suffer from 'a pathological state most likely requiring treatment'. I think I will forgo the treatment but I enjoyed the laugh. Thanks for that.

  2. Hi Belove
    Nice to see you reading information other than Serge's books and notes. Let me ask you, BE-LOVE, is your loving partner also doing 'the work'? I will say yes. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Also, do you know any other words besides 'Awesome', which I am compelled to point out is a much favoured adjective from the UmiMed students lexicon. Are you aware of how that sounds?
    I am sorry if I was ambiguous- I did not say YOU suffered from a pathological state- I speculated Serge may and that as a follower you are unaware of that- unless of course you are Serge, which is quite possible with such an ironic handle as 'Be-love'and given the response.
    In either case, belove, that is my point. If you have, and I am sure it is the case, read the other posts here, you do feel enriched. That is the nature of being in a cult, which I know you will say you are not, so spare me the response. If you are not the mighty Serge, then let me ask you something else.
    What do you know of Serge other than what he has told you?
    Very little I presume. Your belief in him is a result of context and resonance. I would like to think you are intelligent enough to know that basing your decisions on what you think you know and that discounting what you don't ( which is empirically a great deal in any sense) is a serious cognitive flaw and common error in perception, but since you have already told me that your response is to 'have a good laugh' I think that question has answered itself also.
    Belove, just because you feel good, doesn't make it right. This is very simple and even a child can understand that in the right context. I didn't mention your health or your family, but that is an interesting piece of information- thanks for that.
    That you feel good all the time, as you seem to imply, points to the fact that there is in fact, a problem.
    If you are not Serge, then I suggest you need to take a good look at yourself and the man you are putting all of your faith in. If you are Serge, then the same applies with a little more urgency, In any case, Good luck and best wishes.

  3. Belove, if you accept Serge's deranged belief system (Lords of Form, entities, the Hierarchy etc) as reality then you have at the very least absorbed a worldview that originated from an individual who, in the best case scenario is highly delusional. Serge himself says that when you align with something (in this case the UM belief system), you align with the whole thing, not just the elements you find palatable. So, if you accept all of Serge's teachings as gospel truth, then you have taken on a belief system that is quite pathological. You laugh this off because you 'feel awesome', but I suggest that when Serge's
    delusional worldview comes crashing down, the realization that you were taken for a ride by a manipulative conman with a tenuous grip on reality may just be enough to make seek psychological

  4. Fear not Anon,
    The laugh be-love enjoyed was not the type you have as a normal response to humor per se. No one can digest that information and dismiss it with a laugh. It was meant as 'ironic' or ' rhetorical' laugh to 'dismissal' or deny what had been read. The following words which exaggerated her 'awesome' life are part of that justification. The very fact that there is a response affirms that belove is aware that the opposite is true. We see this all the time in clinical situations. Regards, Richard.

  5. Hi all, Belove is Rod Harvey. He’s an active apologist for the cult and also writes letters to government departments. I think I saw some post on one of their blogs paraphrasing Serge’s nutjob ideas about woman. I love his dumb ass response here. You’re talking about Serge and he thinks it is him….and he misses the whole point. Bloody hell. The cult buggers up the old noodle doesnt it!??!

    1. Yes it does. Rod Harvey was quite active on various blogs trying to defend Serge and UM. He’s gone a little quieter now. Not I would think because he is circumspect, but I would guess because he doesn’t want to engage with the energy of the detractors. The more I look back at this old post, there more relevant I believe it is. Rod’s response is, I think, very telling. He does manage to go right over the substance of what is being said and every misconstrue who it refers to. This goes someway to showing how the members struggle to differentiate themselves from Serge and the mechanics of cognitive dissonance which keeps them mind-trapped in the group. I see you are an ex member. Are you in a position to share why you are now an ex UM’er? I am glad to see in any case that you have been able to see beyond the contradictions and covert thought reforms Serge uses, which are quite powerful. Congratulation and welcome back to the real world of uncertainties and possibility.

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