The Real World of Universal Medicine- ‘the cult’

The Deceptions of Universal Medicine and it’s followers as to the Cultist Nature of the Group.

Universal Medicine has been applying a titanic effort to normalise their appearance int the face of public scrutiny.

Many followers have emerged defending Serge and Universal Medicine by declaring in long dissertations, worded often as if from a template, how Universal Medicine is simply about making more loving choices.
Within each of these statements is the implied notion that  critics of the group as incapable of making correct choices or taking responsibility for themselves, or in some cases as abusive or lack the capacity for love.
Moreover, each of these defenders accuse the media or the critics of being deceptive and attempt in some way to discredit them.

What is interesting is that not a single follower has put their hand up to the real nature of Universal Medicine and the ‘occult doctrine’ which is clearly illustrated in his ‘books’- These books, which they will all possess, speak sparsely about loving choices and a great deal about Serge’s supernatural vision of the Universe. Serge uses heath issues ( primarily cancer rates and diabetes) as a ‘false dilemma’ and motivator of fear.
It is therefore apparent that the real and wholesale deception is on the side of Universal Medicine and Serge. 


La Grande Vision

Serge has borrowed many of his ideas from other sources. However, he has created a simple game of progression and digression in order to keep his followers in a state of tension. Moreover, within this game he has created rules such as controlling emotion and denying thoughts. A primary condition of the game is that the player ( student) must see the world as “bad” or ” good” or “Pranic/Astral” or “Fiery/Soulful”

Serge is the Grande Master. He has already advanced sufficiently to be the sole arbitrator of the each other members place in the game. He is also the ‘protector and defender” of the truth of the game and gives each member a game-card urging them to ignore the deceptive pull of people further down the game ladder or, as is the case with most people, outside of the game all together,as this pull and resistance increases inversely as you progress .

Following is from a document prepared by Natalie Benhayon and copywrited 2009 by Serge Benhayon.

The Rules of the ‘Initiation Game’

The path of Initiation in the New Era is about LOVE and how much you actually have in your body, as well as your level of light. In the future the only true teachers will be  those who have fiery-love in their bodies.

It is is of great importance to know that just as the Hierarchy have an initiation scale so too does the Astral plan…. The Astral plan uses the measurement of how pranic power one can call in and then wield… the pranic initiation scale is 1-9, the lowest being 9. [It is therefore possible to digress in the initiates game if you allow yourself to make pranic choices or indulge pranic people]

In the New Era initiations are not fixed, it is possible to change positions very 3 months….according to the way we are living. We will go up or down according to our choices….this is the first time it is easier to initiate and easier to lose it.

There are markets of determine the level of initiation- love and light. It is your own relationship with God…the light of God in the body and felt in the lympathic system…or Love [in service] felt in the vascular system.

If they are higher….it means that they have made choices throughout their life ( and other lives) not to sell-out from their innermost, to make the constant choice to honour themselves and their relationship with God, to always to to love and do so in service for all.

If you are ever jealous of anothers level you are denying …the choices you have made to be where you are at now. The camparios and reaction will immediately bury your undealth with issues that keep you bnack in the first place.

You cant personally ‘do soemthing’ to increase your level….if you try you actually decrease…just be love.

Observer how higher initiates live….as you initiate, others do also….and you will inspire others with the same love.

Levels of the Game

1st Degree Initiate- This is about dealing with ‘exoteric’ [ day to day temporal ]choices…the initiate begins to consider that their way of of living is harming them…. and they self-initiate if they consider the possibility of stopping indulgences altogether and and..take a further step into …initiation

[ This is the level that most of the Universal Medicine bloggers and Serge refers to and how the have santised the groups website]

2nd Degree Initiation- This is a very long initiation, as one has to deal with ones Karma and with all of ones undealt with emotions. Second degree initiates have to deal with….the energetic causes of [emotions] It is not until one deals with one’s emotions that one can truly care about others. There is a lot of discarding in this phase.

[ this is the Level that most ‘committed students are at, according to Serge. Here they are purging their emotions and feelings of sadness. It involves discarding Pranic relationships and pulls. They are warned that these energies will increase in order to pull them back to being less esoteric and more Pranic, bearing in mind the Pranic scale goes in reverse and it is possible to reach the lowest levels]

3rd Degree Initiation- they are mostly clear of the 1st and 2nd degree initiate woes ( emotions, karma) The comfort is a measure of doing the very least tht is required in service in order to ‘just get by’….however on the new scale this is now longer not possible, they will drop their level of initiation if in truth they do not serve… At this point, they have dealt with all of their own emotions so they do not carry anger, sadness,e tc as the 1st and 2nd degree are still processing….[yet] they need to eventually swallowing a BIG humble pill and realize they are better than they used to be (clearer energetically) but they are ‘not there yet’ i.e. not a a full Ascended Master….It is usually only in the presence of a 4th degree or higher initiate that a 3rd is highlighted as doing very little in the real scheme of things.

4th Degree Initiation- They create heaven (Shamballa) on earth…[and]own graceful karma and Akasha and reincarnate to all that they have created from previous lives of the true fiery service, and thus all constellates back towards them… in the new era it is now…one can be a 4.1, 4.2 etc degree initiate.

5th Degree Initiation. They bring Shamballa to earth…they can be in a physical body and be walking with the Masters at the same time. They leave 10 to 20 X 4th degree initiates when they pass-over and before they choose to Ascend and take their next serving position. 

[Serge is 5th Degree- clearly in this game around 10 to 20 of his follower are hoping to make it to being 4th Degree initiates before he decides to Ascend to look for something else to do]

6th Degree Initiation- Once one reaches this level of awareness…..does not come back to a physical body. 6th Degree initiated leave behind 10 X5th degree initiates and 50X 4th degree initiates.

The Playing Field

According to Serge, we have just entered the New Era which is the end and start of a 2600 year cycle. Because we are in the new era, the rules are altered and so are some of the conditions.

The soul’s plane will be descending on the 26th June to the level of peoples knees….and will bring…fiery energy to the lower part of the body more than ever before on earth. The next drop on the 30th of November goes to the Earths surface thus making our entire way of  being accountable.

That means:  The decisions we have made will effect or initiation level depending on.

  • What we’ve committed to
  • What you have walked on, for or with in..
  • What you invested in to be a part of the world ( making pranic religion work/pranic movements/ideals/beliefs/etc etc)
  • How you have been with money ( eg: the pranic Charity and “Good” that have invested in, or making the Plan work on Earth)
  • What you have chosen to evolve ( eg: has it been love, or has it been for the self for purpose of eduction, bettering your life, etc)

Note: For the first time on earth, humanity is going to be accountable for the energy of the pranic version of ‘GOOD” that they have invested in or put forth. People have used “GOOD” to hide selfishness, greed and to act for self-gain. and this there will be an enormous exposure for the many, many people. As a result, and aside from the many personal upheavals [you will experience] the charities that espouse/sell/market their called ‘good’ will be exposed and fall apart, as people will start to disclose what is going on behind the scenes (embezzlement/lifestyles and so on)

[ie- Giving money is pranic, if the organisation is ‘outward/exoteric focused’- Universal Medicine also is a charity and is soliciting donations from living members and estates]

Investments- the way forward.
1. YOU- the ‘true you’- into LOVE
2- those who you have regular interactivity ( not just blood family-friends, esoteric students, etc)
3. Humanity
4. The physical plan- temporal/physical investments- this includes houses, music, books/CDS’s…anything that we create and support as a physical object…does it serve others to fond Soul or will it help keep the pranic spirits version of being….

this is not a time to be flippant/careless/slack/naive, or dismissive about your energy..and choices.

As usual Serges/the Hierarchy prediction swill come true.

The 5th Degree Initiated Ascended Master will teach Mankind the esoteric sciences and truths, but will also  prepare them with the remedy to counter the force that is already know and felt to be coming as retaliation that the Lords of Form will try to use to debase the students from what was just presented to them.


The Serge effect.

In Summary, Serge’s vision can be likened to a Pyramid selling scheme. He is the Platinum Sales person and others are scrambling to replace him when he leaves the business. However, he gets to change the rules and even introduce increments in order to ensure no one reaches his level too fast.

He has introduced relativistic changes to key words such as good and choice and changed the goal posts by replacing key word meanings with new, loaded, meaning.  For example, Pranic, Soulful, Spiritual, and most importantly LOVE, which has become an empty word meaning more or less, “how you ‘feel’ relative to your conception of ‘God” and your place in the “game”

This is the game that all the Universal Medicine Students are following. Not one of them has spoken or written off  it. It is implicit at each EDG, lecture, retreat and in all of Serge’s written works and recordings.
Their current tactic of reducing Universal Medicine to simply an alternative healing outfit is limp in the face of the true nature of the business.

The business of obfuscating these facts is a grand deception the members all play together and personally, which is a marker of cult behavior. Their rationale, little doubt, is that is it is more complex than presented, and it will have a ‘personal’ meaning to them which gives it ‘context’- nonetheless, it is the archetypal template of a cult movement.

Moreover, to anyone outside of the game its nature and absurdity is more than apparent. It is a relative game of moving rules, fantastic notions, non existent choices and levels ruled over by one man who has invented the game out of his own grandiose sense of himself.


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4 thoughts on “The Real World of Universal Medicine- ‘the cult’”

  1. Interesting. Serge started this around 2009 when he was getting frustrated that students werent committing to the work. I was there when he 'graded' people and they all started freaking out and doing just what he said not to…COMPARING.
    Since then he has been cranking it up each year at retreats pushing doing the work, not being lazy or just saying your doing it, getting comittment. He even said the way you move your finger has energetic resposnibility and can affect beings on other planets!!(that's when I knew this was all shite) But I saw a lot of the students getting deeper in. Last retreat there was lots of talk about going home and if it meant relationships were over, or whatever, but they were doing the work, just to get to it as it was the NEW ERA! I didnt go but my friends who are still in told me with looks on their faces like they had just seen god himself. I spent a few years trying to do the work and now I have stepped back and look at it I understand why it is crazy. This is a good summary and the way it actually is. Thanks. Nic.

  2. Wow, interesting post Nic. My friends here in the UK are really into Serge. Not sure what you mean about “lots of talk about going home” do you mean back to their souls on another plane?

    I think basing a belief system on fear is really the opposite of an enlightenment I have ever looked into. Its all ego. Serge must have a massive ego. I met him and didn't like hiim at all. To be honest I can't work out what everyone means about he is all loving. I certainly didn't get that vibe from him.
    Cheers Lou

  3. It's all about fear, there's no real love in it at all. Fear and arrogance and judgment of others. Avoid at all costs!

  4. Fascinating to see this post.

    “6th Degree initiated leave behind 10 X 5th degree initiates and 50 X 4th degree initiates.”

    it really is a pyramid selling scheme isn't it? Let's hope we see the end of it the same way Bernie Madoff went.

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