Is Universal Medicine a Paternalistic Cult?

Why Do so many Women Follow Serge and Not Men?

Is it because as Serge asserts, as a women they are more ‘soft’ and able to ‘feel into’ a so called ‘truth’? Or is it simply because Universal Medicine is typical of a Paternalistic Cult?

Most cults in the World have a male leader or head figure. The vast majority of these cults have women followers. Is it because they are more enlightened, or because of something else?

Universal Medicine follows a typical strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ which is achieved by undermining the authority of the male, or less frequently female partner figure should they not agree with the ideology of the group and more specifically with Serge.

Serge has mastered this on a large scale. He has managed to alienate hundreds of women folk from their men and therefore assume the dominant male role by changing the way in which these women view their partners and men in general.

The Goal.

To elevate the leader, in this case Serge, to the penultimate male figure in the lives and minds of the followers.
Men are accepted, provided they agree with Serge and play by the rules that Serge has imposed.

How to play the Game.

1. Create a paradigm of sexualization– Serge constantly uses sex as a weapon against men by implying that they are only capable of base sexual behavior. He further underlines this by generalizing that society at large are exploiting women and their sexuality. Women in the group start to believe that their partner is objectifying them creating a tension.

2. Make sex divine- By elevating women and their sexuality and feminity and the expression of it to a divine status, the very act of temporal sexual behaviour becomes debasing. These women will start to feel that they have no normal sexual desire, and that feeling it is a sign of a lower impulse. Men showing sexual desire becomes an affront to their divine sexuality.

3. Ensure that masculinity is associated with lower, ‘animal’ impulses– Serge elevates femininity and decries masculinity at every turn. Men are “hard” and have “fascinations with breasts” based on (lack of) love issues. They are incapable of showing their ‘true’ selves and either act brutishly or intellectualize. Femininity is highly regarded and sacred.

4. Ensure that the Male ( or resistant Partners) authority is neutered  Work to make certain that men’s thoughts are seen as coming from a lower or less developed mind. This is achieved by re-affirming that women have a shortcut to truth ( periods/softeness) and are naturally ‘claresentient’ and that men deny these abilities at an early age and because of ‘societal imposed roles’. The outcome is that woman begins to view the man has flawed and his thoughts/feelings/opinions worthless. ( with the exception of Serge who is special and above a ‘normal’ man)

5. Undermine and belittle (so-called) Roles– Serge works to ensure that women and his students in general believe that society has imposed roles upon them, such as being a wife or mother ( or breadwinner for a man) and that these roles are inherently wrong and not ‘in-truth’- surreptitiously he replaces them with his own roles which is to play his game of paradigm shifting and to serve his world-view.

The Outcome.

Women leave their marriages, relationships, partnerships in the belief that there is a more ‘perfect’ way of relatng to men. ( it is noted that they also tend to co-habitate- a common practice of cult-women worldwide in the last 50 years. This structure further strengthens the paradigm as the women reinforce shared beliefs and reverence for the now dominant male figure)

The Reality…

Relationships require work, truth and honesty. No such relationship exists. Serge has manipluated the women into a state of servitude to his ego and self agrandisment by belittling the love partner and replacing them with himself as the ‘dominant stag’. As a Narcissist this is essential for his reflective worldview. However, there is mostly likely a deeper reason:

The Dominant Stag and his dysfunction.

Serge uses his lectures, recording, books, EDG’s. retreats and Womens Groups to drive home his message and to ‘groom’ women in the fashion described. The content of these meetings are available freely on the internet and various places and much of it refers to ‘underage sex’, ‘sexual exploitation’ ‘vaginas, ovaries, breasts’ , ‘men’s inability to make love’ ‘ men releasing themselves’, ‘ young girls being “split” [upon prematurely losing their virginity] ‘ ‘hand jobs/blowjobs [by underage person] ‘ and more detailed edicts such as ” making men sleep alone” and “not allowing men to show be less than you [as a divine feminine aspect] would expect”- all informing the unsuspecting recipient of his expectation, and those familiar with such assertions of the fact that Serge has a sexual pathology of a ‘groomer’ and quite possibly a ‘predator’.

The facts:

Serge met his current wife when she was 12- He was 31. Assuming the best, this is very unusual behavior. In the minds of most people in the Western World and with modern sensibilities, this would be considered exploitation and inappropriate to your average person. ( however it is well noted that the defense blogs of the faithful have not commented on this on one occasion, so one must assume that these faithful concur with this behavior,  or are tracking a parallel trajectory with the aforementioned wife)

Serge is fascinated with Sex and particularly underage Sex– by rallying against these things insistently Serge reveals an unhealthy fascination and perhaps and obsession with these feelings. Perhaps he is resisting them or is covertly confessing past transgressions.

Serge discounts all other males as loveless and abusive– a common tactic amongst groomers. Most sexual predators will neutralize the male figures such as father, partners, husbands in order to gain control of the object of their desire- however in the case of Serge, it is more about gaining control of the women and the knowledge that he has preeminence in their minds and thoughts and that he has been able to covertly convince them to disregard their love interests; a large payoff for a narcissistic personality.


Perhaps Serge surrounds himself with young ladies by way of his courses or at his home/workplace. Whether he indulges himself or the control is satisfaction enough is speculation. None the less, it is most likely and from all accounts, happening.

The sad conclusion…

Universal Medicine is really about Serge’s narcissistic and dysfunctional sexualised world-view.  It is true that the followers have tremendous feelings of empowerment and expansion, because Serge knows how to find those ‘buttons’ personally and via the group that ‘engage’ the followers. Read the biography of any predator (sexual or otherwise) and this is a skill that is apparent and essential for their absolute success; Be it an uncle, family friend, scout leader, clergyman, or cult leader.

By winning trust, and emotional commitment above all and everyone else, these personalities can manipulate their followers into behavior and modes of thinking unimaginable to their former selves. There exits a sort of an unconsummated love bond between the perpetrator and the victim trembling in a sort of suspended animation that the vanquisher relishes- fully in the knowledge that they can execute at any time and at their discretion. The hitherto unrealized victim is almost faint in the dim and inarticulate anticipation of the act which they suppress, yet may very well enact should the circumstance arise.

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22 thoughts on “Is Universal Medicine a Paternalistic Cult?”

  1. I think this nails it. I have heard several female UM students refer to Serge as 'the father they never had' or say they 'get the love the don't get from their fathers from Serge. The sexual under-pinnings and pre-occupations become more apparent and more disturbing with tine, especially as more details of Serge's private life become exposed. I recall seeing several young teenage girls, seemingly unaccompanied by parents, at the workshops I
    attended. One in particular would linger around Serge waiting for a chance to hug him. I thought it was odd st the time, but in hindsight and as more information come to light, it is quite disturbing. Thanks for your efforts in getting to the truth behind The mask worn by Serge Benhsyon.

  2. Welcome back Belove.
    Of course this would not be written without haven spoken to those involved at that time. Have you done that? No, of course not.
    It is not a denigration of wives, mothers or daughters but intended as a warning based on that information and by careful analysis of his works by psychologists and experts.
    In terms of 'hundreds' of men, this is not true. We know the actual numbers. This is especially pertitent to the inner faithful group. As you are aware.
    Belove, please stop lying to yourself. You cannot base your decisions on what you don't know, which is what all of you members are doing because you wish to hold tight to your belief system and the feeling that Serge has given you. That part is understood.
    So far it has been demonstrated that Serge has not run his business with total integrity ( TGA), has recanted his firm claims on re-incarnation of various identities ( or at least obfuscated it to the non members), that his past pre-UM is greatly embellished and of course the above mentioned issue. None of the group members find this strange and instead choose to focus on trivial details of misreporting, pendantic arguments, accusation of media bias, accusing others of being 'hate groups', angry, hostile and finding others to blame. For a group of people that claim integrity and responsibility is paramount this seems perverse. But it does show that you are not prepeared to face the more obvious truth.
    Belove- Are you willing to declare you association with Serge? or failing that, at least look at why you so vigourously and singularly defend a man who has been shown not to be who he claims?

  3. I know for a fact that there was no TGA enquiry when that claim first went to print. I know for a fact that it was a Unimed representative that contacted the TGA and asked them to look at the products and to make sure all was above board. I know for a fact that no products were found to have an issue with them but there was some wording on the website that needed changing. I know for fact that many other claims are also untrue. As far as my association with Serge goes, I have known Serge for many years, I attend his workshops and quite frankly I could not think of a better way to spend a weekend than having healing sessions and massages. This may not be your choice of how to spend your weekend but we live in a free society thank God. The fact that you attempt to validate your views by denying the existence of the men simply shows up your belief that women are weak, gullible and easliy led. It is a means to sell your story. More woman than men also study medicine and law. So what? I know you won't be convinced but I hope that by posting here others who find their way to this blogsite will perhaps consider that there is another story.

  4. Look here “Belove” whoever you are ,my wife left Universal Medicine because she began to notice a very unhealthy relationship developing between the young girls there and this organization's leader Serge Benhayon.My wife is highly intuitive and I believe what she saw and sensed was very inappropriate to say the least ! Eric

  5. Hi Belove
    I am chuffed that you have engaged in a dialogue. Thankyou.
    I am not attempting to validate my views by denying the existence of men in the group; however that is an interesting turn of phrase given what is going on. We are aware that there are men, but we would argue that the real number is lower than you indicate and their commitment perhaps somewhat less than you might think in many cases. None the less, the import of what is being said remains the same.
    I agree having healing sessions and massages many times a year would be terrific. Can I share something with you? This is a part of the process of quietening the critical mind. Think for a moment- when you have lots of questions and doubts, and then have a 'treatment' don't they evoporate or become distant and seem insignificant? They sort of lose their 'charge'..? Nothing wrong with a massage of course, but in the context of group with a leader with unusual ideas, it is a dangerous mix. Once the critical mind is quiet we absorb things like children. You, me everyone. This ia a psychological fact Belove.
    One other small thing- you can verify this for yourself by calling the Journalist involved which would then allow you to say you 'know for a fact'- the TGA WAS investigating before anyone from UM contacted them. Serge is aware that when they contacted the TGA the person who they spoke with was not privy to that file. Based on this he was able to claim the initiative. It was also more than a change in wording as evidenced from this site.
    Thank you for participating in the conversation.

  6. Why does belove remove her comments from so many blogs? what's to hide? If you say something, make a criticism of something, why do you not stand by it, why the deletions?
    if the forum moderator has the ability, could you reinstate the comment please? it's unfair and unethical to act as this person is acting.

  7. Hi Anon, Hit the nail on the head. All that I posted was absolutely true. Unfortunatley when I looked at it again it was just as nasty from an energetic point of view as the article I had commented on. Words can heal or harm so I chose to remove it as I do not want to be part of the harm.

    Regards all

  8. Hi Reb, sorry, I mean Belove. I imagine deeds have more power to harm than words, as I'm sure you'll agree. Would you consider deeds such as fraud, lying, adultery, and statutory rape healing or harmful? And if your answer is the latter, why on earth would you defend an individual whose portfolio of criminal conduct includes all these and possibly worse?

  9. Just curious to know what is meant by 'elevate the leader… the penultimate male figure….'? Second to last male figure?

  10. But erasing words doesn't make them go away does it? those that read them, still feel/remember them. so while you may think you have corrected what felt wrong to you, it's still out there.

    that's the problem i have with a lot of UM. it seems to think that erasing the past allows for a better future. so if what is said on the website or in presentations is found to be untrue, just alter it (like the leonardo reincarnation claim). the world just doesn't work like that. if serge was really some enlightened being he would be 100% honest and 100% accountable. i never saw ghandi lying about his past, or the dalai lhama. they stood/stand by their pasts. there's no reinterpretation to suit current requirements.

    you seem like a nice person belove, but please be careful. i think what you are defending so passionately ought to be examined even more closely.

  11. He is not accused of that, The conclusion does not say, Serge is…. it simply says that people who spend a lot of time involved in other people sexual lives, are fascinated with breasts, underage sex and so forth share that pathology. You are naturally drawing that conclusion because of the aforementioned information and that is something Serge does do.

  12. This is such a brilliant analysis that cuts to the core of Serge’s pathological guruism.

    His profoundly sexist modus operandi is simple really — emasculate by portraying men in general as responsible for the transgressions of the few, and control the women by exploiting the patriarchal gender roles that formed part of their early conditioning – rewarding passivity and sexlessness and frowning upon anger, assertion and sexual arousal. That way everyone is neutered, and the result is a mob of docile and defensive apologists, who are willing to enable bogus therapy and quasi criminal acts to embolden their leader.

    I fail to see how anyone could claim to feel empowered by this. I fail to see the empowerment in tireless, blindly devoted volunteer work while Serge and his sanctum of health professionals roll in the profits. Or in spending thousands to learn how to repeat, parrot like, a nonsensical invented doctrine, or on therapy that doesn’t improve wellbeing. Or the empowerment in being pressured to make disclosures of sexual abuse to practitioners unqualified in that area, who have deemed themselves entitled to meddle in relationships and dictate to the vulnerable the leader’s divisive and archaic puritanical edicts on sex. Or in listening to Serge obsessively return time and time again in his lectures to the subject of rape, knowing he is triggering and retriggering traumatic memories among a large proportion of his following.

    It’s out and out manipulation, designed to benefit one person alone.

    Sorry it took so long for me to comment. Keep up the great work, and I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  13. Anon,

    Do you have a vested interest in defending Serge and his cult, or are you just incapable of engaging in a discussion without resorting to threats of violence whenever you cannot rebut information you have hadn't previously considered? Or both?

  14. Hi Ms “Anonymous” would that be a regular”Fucking” slap for Richard or an esoteric “Fucking” slap ? Either way Serge is teaching you some kinky stuff , thats to be expected though isn't it -Over and Out , Eric

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