Richard takes a break due to ill health…. RMRC doesn’t, but should.

Just when Serge thought it was safe...kapow.
Just when Serge thought it was safe…kapow.

Richard has not been well of late. Probably due to bad karma, prana and the ill-effects of bad energetic choices by resisting the ‘truth’ of Universal Medicine and profound wisdom of Serge Benhayon. Or not.

In any case, I am the guest blogger for now. My name is ____________ that’s right. That other guy. A few weeks back, Real Media Real change site went down for an hour or two. Us hate-bloggers threw our arms up in a collective cheer. Alas, like the vain hope that people would wake up the day Serge “I will never back down from the truth” Benyahon backed down from his claims of being Leonardo Da Vinci and others, it was premature and overly optimistic. It was back up a day later, pushing out more virulent crap pretending to be against abuse, lies and media bias.


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Educator, Somerset, England. Rationalist. Realist. Bulldust detector.

2 thoughts on “Richard takes a break due to ill health…. RMRC doesn’t, but should.”

  1. There’s not much to RMRC apart from the website and some empty platitudes. Sarah is very quiet, probably trying to deal with hypoglycaemia and the cyber bullying conference that landed squarely on its arse because she felt herself too self-loving and Esoterically glorious to bother with accountability and transparency.

    Nice screenshot though of cult psychologist Marianna ‘depressed? Join our cult, lose the will to live and hand over your money’ Masiorski, spruiking for the anti free speech movement.

  2. INTERESTING how RMRC landed uber barrister Chris Dibbs, of the he who sued Google fame, to speak at the cyberbullying conference on defamation.

    BUT in spite of his obvious skills and high profile the cult has not pursued us for defamation. They probably took his advice when he educated them on Australian law – they can only sue us if what we’re saying is false.

    And still no word from Serge – no answers to any questions – no statements, because the evidence is too clear, and going to court would open one hell of an Esoteric Pandora’s box.

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