Richard takes a break due to ill health…. RMRC doesn’t, but should.

The blog however is run by the same people who run the closed and moderated blogs of the cult. We decided to do a little test to demonstrate that Real Media Real Change are in fact vile shameless and unrelenting hypocrites, and guilty of the very thing they accuse others of.

We posted a link and response to one of the posts on their closed cult sites. We selected a piece by the lovely Kyla Plummer, which commits all of the crimes they accuse others of. It is a particularly putrid piece, which stoops to common name calling and character assassinations. I am not going to post a link here, but you can see it in the screen shot below.

The basis for her blog appears to be paranoia, somewhat understandably, that people are saying she is in a cult. Well, yes actually she is in a cult. Everyone not in the cult knows it is a cult… But the men she accuses of it, had nothing to do with the gossip she’s got her knickers in a knot over. She also rips them apart for being useless, abusive, poor providers, trying to manipulate their ex-partners into child arrangements, etc. Of course, no consideration that there are two sides to the story is brooked. It’s just a broadside against one man she doesn’t know at all, and one she does but probably not that well, to defend her involvement with a man she doesn’t know even slightly who claims to be a member of the Hierarchy- whatever that is.

Now what is interesting, is that the post has had 50 likes by cult members. Many whom know the men in question. Furthermore, it has had 70 likes or so which has pushed it out to thousands of other people via FB. And by doing so, they have indulged in the very act that RMRC has rallied against.-Internet bullying and vilification. We ran this past a defamation lawyer, who agrees that there is good ground for a suit on that very basis. It doesn’t matter that the men are not named (although the brave Kyla reserves the right do so!), provided people can reasonably infer who they are. Which of course, they can. Removing it now does not remedy the harm done. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

Ironically, Kyla has seriously vilified and bullied  two men for doing nothing other than disagreeing with a cult and trying to get through the pain and grief of serious partnership breakups involving young kids and at least in part precipitated by the cult and directly by the master of mirth himself; simply because she ‘feels’ vilified for being in a cult. Go figure.

RMRC has tacitly approved of it, as the screen shot shows below. We made the comment a month ago, and RMRC have not approved it, nor have they deleted it (they must be in an esoteric quandary, the dissonance buzzing in their heads)

The post title is ahem, “The Year of Exposing Internet Bullies”  The article is an attempt to throw others of the scent that Universal Medicine, the cult and RMRC itself are engaged in the very abuses, media bias and lies they accuse others of.

Now, why does that sound familiar?


For some more interesting reading on UM and Serge and to get the flavour of it, visit these pages at the Universal Medicine site itself. For anyone that is still sane, the madness of Emperor Serge is apparent. The cult members can all see his fine clothes. For some reason, we can’t.

Kyla/Rebecca and RMRC itself would probably argue we are the trolls. But the ‘truth’ is, we are presenting facts, not sci-fi, fairy tale, head- up -your-own- arse fictions. Maybe done with a little more flair and panache than they are accustomed, which might irk the monotone UM’ers who only know 10 words given to them by the master. But none the less, all truth. Fully testable and backable. Try it out.

Here is a dissonance test for UM Members. Pick the non factual statement.

  • Serge is enlightened and a member of the Hierarchy, consisting of Jesus, Buddha, a few ex murderers and pedophiles. He is here to oversee the Hierarchies plan on earth, and fighting the Lords of Form.
  • Serge is an ex-bankrupt who claimed and continues to claim that he was wealthy before starting UM, and that he had no need to do so, as his life was comfortable and all he needed to do was say Yes to more wealth and comfort.

Cult member. Wrong.

Rest of us- Yes he is one crazy little bugger.


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2 thoughts on “Richard takes a break due to ill health…. RMRC doesn’t, but should.”

  1. There’s not much to RMRC apart from the website and some empty platitudes. Sarah is very quiet, probably trying to deal with hypoglycaemia and the cyber bullying conference that landed squarely on its arse because she felt herself too self-loving and Esoterically glorious to bother with accountability and transparency.

    Nice screenshot though of cult psychologist Marianna ‘depressed? Join our cult, lose the will to live and hand over your money’ Masiorski, spruiking for the anti free speech movement.

  2. INTERESTING how RMRC landed uber barrister Chris Dibbs, of the he who sued Google fame, to speak at the cyberbullying conference on defamation.

    BUT in spite of his obvious skills and high profile the cult has not pursued us for defamation. They probably took his advice when he educated them on Australian law – they can only sue us if what we’re saying is false.

    And still no word from Serge – no answers to any questions – no statements, because the evidence is too clear, and going to court would open one hell of an Esoteric Pandora’s box.

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