The Lords of Form and Money for UniMed.

We have endless hours of recordings and notes from Serge’s meetings over the years. There are some common themes that play out over and over, and I’ve picked these to highlight a few. First, Serge is interested in unwavering commitment from his flock. He constantly warns them of the negative consequences of not doing ‘the work’. In fact, we tend to find more negatives than positives on analysis. While the members speak about love, much of it is about fear of prana, dampness, lords of form, bad karma, bad energetic choices and their ramifications and so on.

Secondly, he is very interested in the members money. A lot of time is spent creating negatives around money and extolling the virtues of handing money to Universal Medicine- better incarnations, cleared Karma and other hogwash.

When you read this stuff, it is hard to imagine how the members can say they are not in a cult with a straight face. Enjoy.

5)The Sphere of Grace also builds a Divine wall between you and your karma.


When a person rapes another and then feels sorry because they understand what harm they have done they draw towards them an energy of recognition and they do not have to suffer the same energy being imposed on them. If the person does not understand the extent of the harm they have imposed on another or are in denial that they hurt the other in any way, then more of that same energy (an example was used of “pack energy” say if you were involved in a pack rape ),comes in to fill the vacancy after the act…this energy pushes through you so that karma comes to you by attracting the same act to be done to you giving the physical experience of it in your body , and the memory of it is in your cells. The energy has come back to  give you the full experience and thus is registered in your body and then you know and feel that you could not do that to another .

The entity can come and go and you are left with the karma ,the imprint of your physical ill.

Even if you have a terrible karma and you are in service ,not looking for recognition and identification ,your karma is cleared. Even if you look for recognition much later – you are not Atmic and all the good is undone

If you do something outside your heart – you are harming. If you choose to stay outside your heart  – you embrace evil . Evil is a magnification of the separation from the heart .It is a magnification of an expression that keeps you out of your centre – anything that enhances your spirit  . You can improve your body in the pranic sense- evil is a constant emanation of prana Staying in evil accumulates karma .

Fire deals with what is true, not what is good. Healing is not giving or sending love , it is being love.

Healing is not about being good it is about being true.

When you go into grace you wipe out beds of prana to get back to your soul. When you are emanating from there, from grace ,your energetic space enables your own healing.

Simply put -a person goes into their heart -the activity leaves behind a Grace -you are healing your own Karma.

(EDG notes September 2007)

If you keep your receipts in a shoe box you are hiding everything away.

A manila folder -is open and easy to  add to every day.

Spiking your receipts/ invoices – can’t see the numbers clearly if a spike is through them.

A lot to learn about how we are – if there is harmony in relationship money flows, if communication is open money flows. If not,  aspects where a person is using money in a position of power over another- contraction.

Money shows how you live- is reflected in life. If the way you are earning your money is coming from contraction- no self worth but up for recognition, every time you are paid magnifying self worthlessness.

You are responsible for the energy you are giving money in – if in anger the anger gets circulated through the money.

Intention – why you do something , the truth of why you do something may be contraction.

Money is about life-force, about how you live with your life-force. Saving – all about the intention why and how. Intention – money saved in bank gets lent out 45x… if saved in the energy of fear and someone borrows it to buy a car- your karma as the car gets bought in your fear imprinted in the money.

Money spent on Unimed courses etc.- choosing to spend money on self love.

Money issues around it exposed as not being loving.

Serge worked the price out so that you are only paying for the healing sessions – value the energetic imprint -never charges for accessed information from the Masters.

With a loan from the bank once you get the letter put it on the symbol.

All the money Unimed is creating is going into the clinic- an ongoing thing. The clinic is for everyone.

Serge talked about Wills

If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life.

If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life.

If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.

If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give  esoterically you are drained.

Do you clear it from other past lives?

5points of fire everyday, left behind 10points prana, end of the day 5 points of prana.

If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic- putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it.

Cathars – create a livingness to reincarnate into – that momentum lasted 900years.

We are now starting a new movement and it will not finish like the Cathars as this time nothing will stop the work. As soon as someone really gets and lives the work they become focalisers and will re-incarnate in to other countries becoming a Shamballic point of light on earth spreading all over the world. The student unfolding  will keep coming back into the larger group until you become a developer and then focaliser.

EDG Message 7 – 2010

‘If one places their life-force towards the work of the Hierarchy on Earth, in every way, sensibly so, all of one’s personal needs get taken care of in the appropriate Soul-full manner. This is natural as it is magical under the Law of Magnetic Pull and the Law of Constellation’ – SIB.

A warning … ‘If one measures their commitment and applies that measure to ‘the work’ and thus to the Hierarchy — as in – 1: as my life gets better and ‘the work’ proves itself to me, so too will I commit more to it, and or – 2: when my life has reached that point my spirit set-out to achieve — as in — a better-life, relief, reprieve, improvement of any kind, higher initiation and or any other personal gain etc etc — I will sit back and cruise with it. TAKE CAREFUL AND ASTUTE NOTE THAT — such students, as those in points 1 and 2 above, will fall into one of the greatest hidden long-term traps where one’s re-development/initiation will be stunted for many, many lifetimes by the slow and stealth-like manner the astral forces will regress them back into the damp pranic abyss they once fought hard to arise from. Measuring your life and commitment to ‘the work’ against whatever personal needs one may have as the leading key or point of drive for and towards ‘the work’ attracts the highest forces that are assigned to undermine and attack the work of the Hierarchy … through you, much high astral energy is wielded, for when you wobble, you will, in one way or another, blame ‘the work’ for your woes … and through that blame you will get a large dose of the highest levels of the astral plane.

Measuring your life with ‘the work’ as in – doing enough to feel better, but not enough to upset your partner, your suitable life, or your family, friends, colleagues etc, will have you feeling ‘better’ by the numbness the astral will bring to you. And whilst you may think you are doing ok or progressing esoterically, you are in fact receding back into the damp body the fire once showed you to be in. It pays not to dance alongside the true fiery esoteric work. It is a very harming illusion to do so and one that will take many lifetimes to heal………………………end.

Dear students, Take special note of the above warning. My words will make themselves be known more and more as we head closer to 2012 and beyond. Embracing the fire is the only true healing way forward … all else will merely get you by whilst it builds the new dampness the lords of form have released to counter the greater light of fire/Christ that now so abounds. This new level of dampness is not one to get wrong about if you are in the illusion that you are not part of it. The new ‘damp’ pranic energy is in accordance to my prediction some years ago about the coming new lung ill conditions on Earth. Not only will ill lung conditions increase, they will develop more severely in addition to the coming new forms of them that the specialists are not trained for. The solution – Choose fire — whole-heartedly and never in part Choose fire all the way and do not measure how much it can be in you, but embrace it in full and let it serve as it must to help those who know little of the imprisonment they are in.

From the endless reservoir of Atma and thus with Atmic love, Serge Benhayon


Thought Reform 101

Thought Reform 101- Auto Indoctrination Recap.

 For new people researching the effects of Universal Medicine or any cult thought system on their family members or partners, here is a summary lifted from a response from a Unimed cult member on an earlier post, whereby they bravely and candidly spelled out what they were thinking. We thank them for that.

The response quite succinctly highlights how thought reform work and in the words of a member.I’ve thrown in some remarks to illustrate what is going on.

Because Serge Said

The questions: Has Universal Medicine expanded or diminished your life in the NOW? Are your relationships fuller ( really), your purse bursting, your mind and spirit free to soar? or are you burdened down with choices of prana/fiery, ideas of future and past incarnations, astral plans, spirits, entities, divine plans, new eras, food choices, livingness, energetic attacks…..?

Ok. Here it goes.
Yes, relationships are fuller.
No, the purse is not bursting (still work to do on this one).
As for the mind and spirit free to soar, I assume that you have more choices now (?). I will say yes.

Yes, sometimes it is a burden to think about prana and fire all the time, as you want to cheat. I’ll explain. In a sense, every choice narrows down to a single question. Is what you are doing/eating/seeing/thinking love for your body? This question is calibrated feeling still first, then you ask your question (e.g. is drinking coffee love for my body?). If you break your stillness, then you can say that it is not good for your body.
This is the reason for having the gluten/dairy/alcohol/caffeine free diet, as it allows you to calibrate easier into the stillness.

[ the member is describing the process of keeping their higher critical mind switched off. There is compelling research on the effects of mediation and self hypnosis and how cults employ these techniques and ideas to keep their members in a state of voluntary semi-hypnosis. In that state, the person feels ‘blissful’, ‘serene’, ‘peaceful’- they are also highly susceptible to suggestion. To achieve this, the group or leader implants the idea through sessions and lectures that that state is desirable; or the goal. That state is re described and then idealised in their doctrine- the member yearns to transform into a person with those ‘qualities’. Serge has cunningly broken this process down into a simple moment to moment choice of prana/fire and asks the student to ‘check they are still’ which means to say, that their actions do not break them out of this prized semi-hypnotic state, which they term ‘livingness’)

Cheating means that you convince yourself that what you are doing is right for your body, when it is really not. For example, if you drink alcohol, you are more prone to lying to yourself then when you don’t drink it. Think about it, it is almost impossible (if not impossible) to be still if you drink alcohol. Therefore, every choice after it can easily be a lie (to your body), as you are unable to achieve the stillness.

As for ideas of future and past incarnations, they are not really a burden if there is an acceptance. For past incarnations the acceptance is just to know that what you put out in the past is here in the present. For future incarnations the acceptance learn to live with love so that when you come around to it you will find love waiting for you.

[The cult member is made to feel a deep responsibility beyond the normal scope of their lives. This has the dual effect of removing them from the responsibility of this one and the real cause and effect of their behaviour (I murdered that person because he murdered me in a last life/I was raped because I was a rapist/I have cancer because in a last life I was an abusive man) , and introducing them to an unbounded and irrational time line of cause and effect that reinforces the students ‘choices’. It gives power to those that ‘know’ their past lives (Serge for example) and can predict their future ones (Serge for example- We are all aware of students and tales of past lives as ‘explained’ to them by Serge)

One trick that Serge has in his arsenal is to break logic down by introducing an “X” factor. He calls this ‘spherical’ and normal thinking ‘linear’. In real terms what is meant is linear = logical and spherical = non logical. For example, Serge insists when something can’t make sense, you need to view it in a ‘spherical sense and in the whole’ and if you apply your usual ‘linear’ way of thinking it would seem ridiculous. He knows full well is is quite ridiculous, he is simply using a word subversion to keep the student suppressing their logic, which is a function of the higher critical mind.

Logic  ( Serge Speak- Linear) – A+ B = C 
Non logic ( Serge Speak- Spherical ) A + B * X = whatever Serge says.

Serge demonstrates this technique over and over again in his audio’s and to some extent his books. He commences a section using logic the aspirant can easily agree with, then he introduces the “X” factor in the next line of ‘reasoning’ to confuse the student. Like a pesky algebra problem, he presents the conclusion first- “the world is arrogant and if it knew everything, disease would not exist…right?” and then tells them the formula which the student cannot grasp and asks them to solve it. It is insoluble, so eventually they must seek him out for the answers, therefore introducing dependency.

One lovely thing about being a supernatural cult leader is there are a whole bag of “X” factors that are improvable and by definition, not disprovable. Astral Planes, Angels, entities, God, reincarnation.  

Ergo- A + B + X + Y + AB + R = What Serge Says. 
Where X = spherical, Y = why bother thinking, AB = All BS and R= Reincarnation.

Another neat benefit is that whenever he is challenged, it just tells them they “do not understand it spherically”]

As for astral/entity/energetic attacks they are becoming less of a burden. The reason is that you learn to accept more and more that any changes outside societies norm are generally met with resistance. Here is an example:
You change your food style to what your body wants — you meet the resistance of those who associated you with eating a food of some sort (e.g. ice cream, coffee, etc). Suddenly most people will go into thinking “you are not my buddy anymore, we used to have drinks/coffee/ice cream all the time”. This also has certain implications as suddenly your limit of places to hang out becomes severely limited, your friends might also be offended.

[The social effect has the added benefit of keeping the student isolated within normal society. It is highly doubtful that any non-student would care whether their friends is drinking coffee or not. However, we know the students tend to avoid places where coffee and alcohol is consumed, along with other ‘pranic’ places such as sporting events, concerts, events, etc. So in a real sense, and in the minds of the student, there is a wall between them and the rest of their community. This has the powerful effect of keeping them within their cult community and relying on other members who are subjecting themselves to the same auto-indoctrination to help them remain in theirs]

But in the end, Is it worth it?Yes

[ We will let the reader decide]

Message From the Masters

 The Hierarchy Speaks and Serge Benefits.

 There’s more than a touch of millenarian notions surrounding Serge’s doctrines. He has been predicting an increase in calamities such as, seismic activity, tornado’s and even diseases gone mad such as ‘contagious cancer’. He was predicting world financial market collapse in 2012 as the ‘new era’ commenced. Like hundreds of other such groups before his and those that proliferate elswhere in the world, apocalyptic visions subsumes the real nature and activities of the group which concerns types of power and wealth based on false premise that this is to the benefit of the movement. 

Serge uses the ‘hierarchy’ as his source of authority, much like preachers use the bible and their interpretation of it. He claims to be impressed with their knowledge, which he alone interprets.  Following is a series of messages from the hierarchy to his students which plot a particular set of behaviours that are desirable for the student to be ‘soulful’ and worthy of joining the fiery realms. In his version of the cosmic drama, the traditional devil is replaced by the nebulous “Lords of Form”, the apocolypse and judgement is resistance increasing ‘prana’ producing subsequent calamity;  and the student is implored to remain mindful ‘in every moment’ in order to acheive souflness and fusion with God.

The true effect is to turn the adherents mind inward and self focused and to move the locus of control outside of themselves. By forcing the use of their concious energy on every movement and action, they become incapable of energy-expensive reflective thought. By attempting to suppress their emotions, they become monochromatic and unresponsive. By putting their needs always above others, they become exclusive and self absorbed.  Most significantly, being charged with ‘energetic integrity’ the student has the onerous and darkly ominous task of taking responsbility for every utterance and movement least it send shock waves of negative prana through the universe or into themselves….

Serge cleverly explains how those around will either be drawn or repelled by their changes, and subverts the truth of those reactions into another part of his cosmic drama thus further ensnaring the minds of his follower.

Message from the ‘Masters’   2008.

The very devious nature of the Lords of Form (l of f) must be recognised.  As man has fallen further and further from his true inner being the l of f have created around him a world of Illusionary imperative. Most people feel really trapped with this world. They have so many things that are “real” that mustbe done. They have to pay off their mortgages, their children’s schooling etc., etc. On the other hand they can be totally caught up in an indulgence which also seems imperative. It is rather like the mouse on the treadmill – they simply cannot see a way out.
However, man’s true energetic configuration is that of his higher nature, of his inner truth, and thus living in the energetic configuration of the separation created by the l of f causes illness and disease within the bodies of men and women.
The choice is there; to return to your true energetic configuration and be healthy, in Harmony and Joy or suffer at the whims of the treadmill.
Ponder on this.
~ The Ascended Masters


The integration of self with soul is of prime imperative at this stage of the development of man and the state of Earthly life. The integration of soul with self means that the individual becomes part of the Plan on Earth. Once integrated with Soul the individual responds in a soulful way to life on Earth and in this way can do nothing that is not inspiring to others. There will, of course, be wobbles in this integration as the bodies of the individual adjust to this state. But once fully integrated there are no wobbles for the soul does not waver. Then the individual can live in the Joy and Harmony of God’s Consciousness and be a beacon of Light for all other life on Earth. Ponder on this Truth.
~ The Ascended Masters

For there to be a substantial force of Fiery energy on Earth there is a great need for you all to take stock of yourselves and to truly dedicate yourselves to this work.
This means to not do anything other than be truly in your inner most energy – but now all the time – or as near to that as you possibly can.
You can live your lives in this energy and, by so doing, help many to change their entrenched ways of being.
This is an exciting time to be on Earth because much is happening in regards to changing energies.
The fiery energy of God is taking over and the separative energy of the l of f will dwindle – however this “change over” period will not be without its pitfalls and its’ upheavals for you all.
Simply watch and be aware of your gentle breath at all times – this is your key to your ability to remain in your innermost energy and your inner heart.
~ The Ascended Masters

Every simple, tiny action, from now on, must be done with love.
If you concentrate on “being love” in all you do – and by this We truly mean allyou do – you will not leave any opening for the false-light to enter into our lives. Think on this.
If all your concentration is on ‘being” love, (for at first you need to concentrate) in all you do or say, you will have no space for negative thoughts, which is the way the l of f will try to trip you up right now.
When and if you find yourself tripping up occasionally – forgetting and slamming a door or flopping into a chair etc – don’t give yourself a hard time, simply resolve to be more careful in future and just “get on with it”!
As you live like this you will find that there is no room in your lives for anything other than Love.
~ The Ascended Masters

This day turn your vigilance onto your own body and watch yourself in everythingyou do. Arise from your bed gently and with love, prepare your breakfast – with love – eat with love. Observe your body.
Shower and dress with love in every physical action.
Then start your day – whatever it entails – with love in everythingyou do. Watch your body at all times. Check it constantly to see if it is gentle in every part of it. You will find there is tightness in your shoulders or neck or wherever – release this and when it returns release it again and again until your body responds to gentleness and becomesgentle. This will take time; but persevere assiduously because this is the way your body and your life must be if you are to defeat the l of f. This is the ‘livingness” of Love on Earth that We have been speaking of for so long. This is the Plan in Action. This is your foundation building each day.
~ The Ascended masters

Having the Love of God in your own hearts gives you a real tool to use in the turmoil that the l of f will try to bring into your lives.
This love when simply “lived in action” (by this We mean the simple everyday actions of life on Earth) will counteract all that the l of f can hurl at you. However, it has to be worked at and you cannot afford to let yourself slip even for a second. Think on it a little – brushing your teeth – eating your food – writing your e-mails – putting on clothes etc., etc., everyaction taken with love as its focus.
This is the way you must live from now on. You will find that your life, rather than being a chore, will become a joy for you, and gradually, for those around you, even if, at first, they are resistant.
~ The Ascended Masters

There are many now who will be drawn to this work but they will not have any prior knowledge of it. By this We mean, there will be many who have not done this work for many, many lifetimes – if ever. They will be responding to the inner prompting to return to their real home. It will be hard for them to grasp at first and they will mainly be coming for healing.
So you can see, to help these others, you will all need to be very strong, very focussed; but above all you will need to be “living” this work all the time in gentleness and Love.
It need not necessarily be a hard time for any of you really. You simply need to be aware of it and deal with each issue as it arises. Don’t let anything get on top of you that does not serve; do not be overwhelmed.
Simply be Love in all that you do.
~ The Ascended Masters

Remember to be gentle in everything you do and everything you say or, most importantly, even think. Remember to dress yourself gently – wash your self gently and eat gently.
It really is simply a matter of being alert all the time. As Serge has presented, we need to develop a conscious-presence that is truly gentle and eventually, it will be – truly loving. Gradually, as you consciously do this each day, all day, you will become familiar with the “feel” of it and your body will become accustomed to gentleness and anything else will feel foreign to it. You will pick yourself up when you lapse and thus you will, gradually, “live” in the gentleness of Love.
This is what the “livingness” is truly about. It is no good simply “knowing” this in your head – of being able to use the right words and sound as if you are living in gentleness – you actually have to DO it!
But as you felt great freedom when you stopped living in your emotions – to “live” in the gentleness and Love of Shamballa is so much more rewarding than anything you have ever done before. We assure you it is well, well worth the initial effort!
~ The Ascended Masters

As you progress in your minute by minute, day by day monitoring of your “living in loving motion” you will find that, slowly your lives will change.
You will notice differing reactions from those around you. Some will be drawn to you and others will feel uncomfortable and move away either physically or mentally and emotionally. Allow those others to be and respect where they are.  Some will come to you and be inspired and others will not. It is their choice to make and their life to lead. All you can do is belove and by that you are doing all that is needed.
Eventually all will be affected by the grounding of this Love on Earth – but it will not happen overnight so do not expect it to do so! The world will not change quite so quickly! However, you can change and your lives can change. It is simply your choice to live in Love; with that being your central focus at all times.
Ponder on this.
~ The Master Saint-Germain
The seemingly simple everyday actions and expressions must now be seen for the important implanting and expressions that they are.
As you walk you either bless or negatively impact the Earth.  As you speak you either bless or negatively impact that person you speak to. Think on this.
In this way you can understand how very conscious you need to be all the time. The first person you must nurture is always yourself. This is because you must not have any “lack” within you that the l of f can use against you and thus against those you impact. You see how Brotherhood works? We are all linked together by energy and each expression of energy has to be in the energy of God otherwise it impacts negatively on the whole.
Try to watch your emotions – do not let things annoy you – this is not Harmonious and thus dis-harmony and thus not the Energy of God.
~ The Ascended Masters