The Lords of Form and Money for UniMed.

We have endless hours of recordings and notes from Serge’s meetings over the years. There are some common themes that play out over and over, and I’ve picked these to highlight a few. First, Serge is interested in unwavering commitment from his flock. He constantly warns them of the negative consequences of not doing ‘the work’. In fact, we tend to find more negatives than positives on analysis. While the members speak about love, much of it is about fear of prana, dampness, lords of form, bad karma, bad energetic choices and their ramifications and so on.

Secondly, he is very interested in the members money. A lot of time is spent creating negatives around money and extolling the virtues of handing money to Universal Medicine- better incarnations, cleared Karma and other hogwash.

When you read this stuff, it is hard to imagine how the members can say they are not in a cult with a straight face. Enjoy.

5)The Sphere of Grace also builds a Divine wall between you and your karma.


When a person rapes another and then feels sorry because they understand what harm they have done they draw towards them an energy of recognition and they do not have to suffer the same energy being imposed on them. If the person does not understand the extent of the harm they have imposed on another or are in denial that they hurt the other in any way, then more of that same energy (an example was used of “pack energy” say if you were involved in a pack rape ),comes in to fill the vacancy after the act…this energy pushes through you so that karma comes to you by attracting the same act to be done to you giving the physical experience of it in your body , and the memory of it is in your cells. The energy has come back to  give you the full experience and thus is registered in your body and then you know and feel that you could not do that to another .

The entity can come and go and you are left with the karma ,the imprint of your physical ill.

Even if you have a terrible karma and you are in service ,not looking for recognition and identification ,your karma is cleared. Even if you look for recognition much later – you are not Atmic and all the good is undone

If you do something outside your heart – you are harming. If you choose to stay outside your heart  – you embrace evil . Evil is a magnification of the separation from the heart .It is a magnification of an expression that keeps you out of your centre – anything that enhances your spirit  . You can improve your body in the pranic sense- evil is a constant emanation of prana Staying in evil accumulates karma .

Fire deals with what is true, not what is good. Healing is not giving or sending love , it is being love.

Healing is not about being good it is about being true.

When you go into grace you wipe out beds of prana to get back to your soul. When you are emanating from there, from grace ,your energetic space enables your own healing.

Simply put -a person goes into their heart -the activity leaves behind a Grace -you are healing your own Karma.

(EDG notes September 2007)

If you keep your receipts in a shoe box you are hiding everything away.

A manila folder -is open and easy to  add to every day.

Spiking your receipts/ invoices – can’t see the numbers clearly if a spike is through them.

A lot to learn about how we are – if there is harmony in relationship money flows, if communication is open money flows. If not,  aspects where a person is using money in a position of power over another- contraction.

Money shows how you live- is reflected in life. If the way you are earning your money is coming from contraction- no self worth but up for recognition, every time you are paid magnifying self worthlessness.

You are responsible for the energy you are giving money in – if in anger the anger gets circulated through the money.

Intention – why you do something , the truth of why you do something may be contraction.

Money is about life-force, about how you live with your life-force. Saving – all about the intention why and how. Intention – money saved in bank gets lent out 45x… if saved in the energy of fear and someone borrows it to buy a car- your karma as the car gets bought in your fear imprinted in the money.

Money spent on Unimed courses etc.- choosing to spend money on self love.

Money issues around it exposed as not being loving.

Serge worked the price out so that you are only paying for the healing sessions – value the energetic imprint -never charges for accessed information from the Masters.

With a loan from the bank once you get the letter put it on the symbol.

All the money Unimed is creating is going into the clinic- an ongoing thing. The clinic is for everyone.

Serge talked about Wills

If you leave a child $10,000 dollars and the kids spend that money to keep them in recognition and identification – excess – that holds you in contraction in your next life.

If you invest wisely in your will this gives you fire in your next life.

If not you leave behind a constant drain on kidney energy and an imprint of a pranic emanation stopping others from being in their centre.

If you give in sympathy no matter how much you give  esoterically you are drained.

Do you clear it from other past lives?

5points of fire everyday, left behind 10points prana, end of the day 5 points of prana.

If you leave a Will to Unimed and you put a lineal condition that it be used to fund those who can’t afford the courses then that is pranic- putting a lineal condition on a spherical nature, not trusting people will know how to best use it.

Cathars – create a livingness to reincarnate into – that momentum lasted 900years.

We are now starting a new movement and it will not finish like the Cathars as this time nothing will stop the work. As soon as someone really gets and lives the work they become focalisers and will re-incarnate in to other countries becoming a Shamballic point of light on earth spreading all over the world. The student unfolding  will keep coming back into the larger group until you become a developer and then focaliser.

EDG Message 7 – 2010

‘If one places their life-force towards the work of the Hierarchy on Earth, in every way, sensibly so, all of one’s personal needs get taken care of in the appropriate Soul-full manner. This is natural as it is magical under the Law of Magnetic Pull and the Law of Constellation’ – SIB.

A warning … ‘If one measures their commitment and applies that measure to ‘the work’ and thus to the Hierarchy — as in – 1: as my life gets better and ‘the work’ proves itself to me, so too will I commit more to it, and or – 2: when my life has reached that point my spirit set-out to achieve — as in — a better-life, relief, reprieve, improvement of any kind, higher initiation and or any other personal gain etc etc — I will sit back and cruise with it. TAKE CAREFUL AND ASTUTE NOTE THAT — such students, as those in points 1 and 2 above, will fall into one of the greatest hidden long-term traps where one’s re-development/initiation will be stunted for many, many lifetimes by the slow and stealth-like manner the astral forces will regress them back into the damp pranic abyss they once fought hard to arise from. Measuring your life and commitment to ‘the work’ against whatever personal needs one may have as the leading key or point of drive for and towards ‘the work’ attracts the highest forces that are assigned to undermine and attack the work of the Hierarchy … through you, much high astral energy is wielded, for when you wobble, you will, in one way or another, blame ‘the work’ for your woes … and through that blame you will get a large dose of the highest levels of the astral plane.

Measuring your life with ‘the work’ as in – doing enough to feel better, but not enough to upset your partner, your suitable life, or your family, friends, colleagues etc, will have you feeling ‘better’ by the numbness the astral will bring to you. And whilst you may think you are doing ok or progressing esoterically, you are in fact receding back into the damp body the fire once showed you to be in. It pays not to dance alongside the true fiery esoteric work. It is a very harming illusion to do so and one that will take many lifetimes to heal………………………end.

Dear students, Take special note of the above warning. My words will make themselves be known more and more as we head closer to 2012 and beyond. Embracing the fire is the only true healing way forward … all else will merely get you by whilst it builds the new dampness the lords of form have released to counter the greater light of fire/Christ that now so abounds. This new level of dampness is not one to get wrong about if you are in the illusion that you are not part of it. The new ‘damp’ pranic energy is in accordance to my prediction some years ago about the coming new lung ill conditions on Earth. Not only will ill lung conditions increase, they will develop more severely in addition to the coming new forms of them that the specialists are not trained for. The solution – Choose fire — whole-heartedly and never in part Choose fire all the way and do not measure how much it can be in you, but embrace it in full and let it serve as it must to help those who know little of the imprisonment they are in.

From the endless reservoir of Atma and thus with Atmic love, Serge Benhayon

Deconstructing Serge- The "Truth"

Deconstructing Serge- Part 1.     

A lovely waterhole located on Serge’s Alstonville Property 


Over the coming months, time allowing, I am going to deconstruct both Serge the myth and also Serge’s great fiction of Universal Medicine. I thought it would be instructive to start with an analysis of Serge’s “spherical thinking” using an extract from his seminal work “The Way it is” which highlights a grab bag of moral ambiguities, confessional language, irrational arguments and just plain every day stupidity.
What is important about this extract is it demonstrates how Serge uses a system of confusional semantics to dislodge the aspirant from their long held view of the world, and wrangle them into replacing those with ideas that are the antithesis. It’s a lesson in how to turn good people bad. One of the known effects of cult-indoctrination is how members commence betraying those close to them, and this in part explains how that is rationalised in a ‘means over ends’ approach characterising cults. Put simply, they don’t know right from wrong, even though they know think they know what is ultimately right! Yes, the great paradox of the human mind.
In this little extract, typical of the whole subversive work, Serge is attempting to invert the meaning of “Evil” into a form of “good” and good into a form of evil- a favourite theme of his, and one he is  astonishingly successful at achieving amongst his followers.
What is very interesting about this piece, is that it has an almost confessional undertone. That is not just my opinion incidentally. The books have been through the hands of more than a few cult aware professionals and they have all remarked the same without prompting. See if you can spot what they are talking about.
 Here we go….


Evil does not exist. It exists only when it is expressed in thought form or in action, or both. When evil is not being expressed or acted, then, there is no evil.
This is of course, totally and unequivocally Irrational. If evil doesn’t exist then it doesn’t exist. It cannot both not exist, and also exist – “when expressed in thought or action”. To paraphrase Serge, that is utterly ridiculous. I suspect that Serge himself is not aware that the two statements are mutually exclusive, any more than his followers appear to be. No doubt will call it ‘spherical’ which is Serge-code for “meaningless piffle designed to mess with your head”
Evil has many different and judged meanings. For example, a murder or rape is seen and judged as evil. But what if these were acts of another law gone wrong and hence, are in fact, not evil acts at all, but the Law of Oneness expressing its imbalance in the negative, which produces such acts we then erroneously judge as being evil.

In the case of murder or rape, the true evil is what created the original imbalance to the harmonious Law of Brotherhood which later attempts to re-balance itself, but not always in a harmonious sense, since the re-balancing expression may also be affected by evil.

Having opened with the absolute assertion Evil does not exist, Serge goes on to explain the ‘quality and origins’ of evil. He also parlays evil, or the act thereof, such as murder or rape (both curious examples which occur repeatedly in Serge’s works) into nothing other than a ‘rebalancing’. In typical ‘new age’ backwards logic, the victim takes a unequal share of the blame, and the perpetrator is simply expressing an act that ‘balances’ karma in an endless timeline of lives in the past and/ or future of which is being redressed. Total nonsense. But very dangerous nonsense that can mess with the psyche of the unaware.
In terms of truth, evil is an expression which is expressing from a consciousness that is separative to the consciousness which is God. God is love. If you know you are the Son of God, then you are not capable of any evil. True evil then, is the source that made or influenced the Son, to not know who they are, for if the Son would know, he would not murder, nor rape.
So to recap, Evil DOES NOT EXIST, yet not only do we now unequivocally have evil in contradiction to that, we have ‘true evil’ defined as the separation of consciousness from God, who according to Serge is Love ( which according to Serge is an emotionless, empathy, compassion and sympathy free state- otherwise known to the average person as antipathy- or hate)
It is a typical convoluted argument Serge uses to slowly confuse his ‘students’ in order to define a new paradigm. His.

Is the murderer evil or is the energy that put him into that consciousness the actual evil?…The above is presented in energetic integrity for the understanding of those who can read it without an emotional bias. Murder and rape are both horrendous and atrocious ill expressions of someone who is in deep pain. Such a person is totally contracted from who they are, so much so, that the presence of another who is also in that same totally lost consciousness can unite with them and thus the two and the three, will act out the ill expressed and vile expression.

Of course, it is impossible to “get it’ because like everything Serge says or writes, the meaning does not exist. His modus operandi is this: Present a problem; real, imagined or exaggerated, propose a question: “what if it was some other way” to illicit agreement ( okay, perhaps…) and then confuse with a circular argument ( it should come with a warning like you get in Microsoft excel when your arguments are within each other!) and then propose a solution that is ridiculous, but unprovable-  ‘ the reason men are hard is because they are not as connected to their clairsentients as women have the advantage of menstruation” and voila! You have completed a classic thought reform tactic of: De-anchor – confuse- re-anchor- The poor listener is left “pondering” the improvable argument which actually acts to suspend their critical thinking. Eventually, most people will cease trying to tease the argument out in their heads, and give in to the arguments as if they have meaning. This is not speculation my friends, but the known basis of thought reform technology of which Mr Serge Benhayon is unfortunately, a master either by design or accident. Ponder that.
Take note how Serge also gives hints how the reader should think “ For those who can read without emotional bias”. This is known as creating an expectation which the reader/listener will unconsciously conform to. Another example is to say “ I hate liars” which of course implies that the speaker is not a liar, when in fact they most likely are- otherwise why should they mention it? A good pick up artist knows to create an expectation in their intended target such as “Thank god! Someone with an open mind I can talk to!” which has the real effect of persuading the person to behave that way. Serge might say “I can sense that you are a really clairsentient person and that you are going to get this really easily. It’s like we’ve already met..” and yes, he has said that.
No one person can act in an evil manner. This Energetic Law. If this is difficult to accept by the ignorant or those who fear what is hear implied then look into the eyes of such a person and you will see they are not there. It is for all to know that no evil act is ever carried out by any one being, but the union of three who are sharing the same ill, contracted and lost way.

In every evil thought there is the presence of another (spirit) who is attracted to that state of being by the Law of Attraction. If this is given further emotional energy the thought itself will attract one other (spirit) who is also in that state of being. The force of the three creates the action we judge as an evil act.
So Serge is saying this: There is no evil, but there is evil if you are separated from God AKA love, and if it acts through you, but the victim is actually the perpetrator who is part of the rebalancing, and the perpetrator is playing their part, but they are not themselves because NOW there is an evil entity acting through them. It seems like you need a few people to do an evil act. They may be real people, or discarnate entities, but no one person, such as say Serge, can commit evil. It takes others to help him do it. So no one person is to blame. It is the group. Interesting stuff Serge.
There is no argument, from the human perspective, in such actions being judged as evil. However, it is important to note well that all rape, murder and other such actions stem from this negative union of three.
When the action is complete, the energy of evil, as a form, no longer exists, unless the original source, the wounded and very lost human being is further fuelled by rage, bitterness, frustration and resentment (all of these emotions are negative reactions of an unbalanced gall bladder). This will keep the three in union and further evil action will be fuelled by the evil thoughts. All this, interestingly, is powered by the negative energy of an out-of-balance gall bladder. This may have been influenced by the long-term storage of anger in the liver. All is energy and therefore has a rhythm and a flow, whether this is positive or negative, Divine or astral.
So ultimately, the gall bladder is to blame. It was the one that stored the energy and committed the murder, along with another two or three entities or people which was part of the rebalancing of murder or rape, which we ‘erroneously judge as evil’
In the case of murder and rape there is first, a separation from truth. That separation attracts others who are like-minded. This attraction draws those who are in the physical and the non-physical. The force of this union creates an expression which is not truth, but a separated expression from truth, which is acted on in a separative thinking manner. If the original source, i.e., the hurt person, was able to seek help and deal with the pain there may not have been a lower descent in their energetic state and therefore, the lower vibrational state of being would not have allowed the thought of murder or rape in the first place. This is why in-truth evil does not exist.
So to end Serge’s argument (or is it something else?) Serge is explaining that the victim more or less brought it on themselves, and others under the law of attraction were drawn to it, creating a union of like minded, contracted people with bad gall bladders who ended up committing rape or murder. And somehow that proves why “in-truth” evil does not exist. Also, if you think it is evil, that my friend, is erroneous. Got it?
Of course, dear reader it doesn’t make a whit of sense, and it is not meant to. The passages are designed to obfuscate meaning and confuse the reader-or aspirant-  as to the nature of evil, or as we outside the cult might call it, crime. It is to somehow make these acts less brutish and morally reprehensible than they really are. It is designed to shift blame onto the victim and to dilute the psychopathic nature of the perpetrator who committed the crime.

Personally, I find it very interesting that these passages are even in this book. How many self enlightenment books or great philosophical works spend so much time labouring over the nature of rape and murder? How many end up laying the blame on the darned gall bladder and a few conspiring entities and the victim? I’d say none, with the exception of Serge’s dark little self published book which I read somewhere is called “far reaching philosophy”
I will refrain from ironic laughter and end with this. There is something very dark going on with this man which I don’t like and it saddens me to think that so many well meaning people can so easily be mesmerized by a series of questions posed to challenge their reality when no sensible answer is forthcoming. There are so many good philosophies in the world and if you must believe in unseen creators, other planes, angels, devils and other lives, there are many other beliefs to indulge in that don’t revolve around one little man with small, misappropriate and mangled ideas that read like a justification for a life gone badly wrong.
There is no such thing as Evil, I agree. But Serge certainly puts up a sterling argument for its existence, there is no doubt.
From The Way It Is: A Treatise on Energetic Truth, Serge Benhayon, Uni Med Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, pp.305-7
Where it all began… Serge’s residence in the 90’s.
‘Elite’ Tennis coaching anyone?

Self Indoctrination- An insight into how it happens

Self-Indoctrination- the subtle nature of thought reform.

One may wonder how people fall under the spell of thought reform techniques, and indeed how they work. Many families of cult members, and members themselves cannot grasp the subtle forces that lead to someone coming under the influence of a cult and its doctrine. What’s more many people misunderstand what constitutes a cult. That’s been spelled out here before, but to recapitulate it is NOT a compound with chanting zombies. A cult can simply be a group that idealizes a certain belief to the exclusion of others whereby it leads to diminished critical thought and the erosion of key relationships, and is often, but not always, centered around one individual who claims to have special knowledge. The members function in society, albeit with an altered worldview.  Universal Medicine has offered a rather limp defense that they are not a cult on their own site, albeit without either understanding cult criteria, or necessarily being completely forthright.

A feature of cult doctrines is the presentation of the world in absolute terms. In the case of Universal Medicine the world is simply “Fiery” or “Pranic” and the student is asked to choose between them on a moment by moment basis. Serge uses everyday personal dilemma’s that are common to all (problems, lack of fulfillment, self-esteem, relationship, financial issues, and so forth) and world problems, real and imagined,  as the justifying rationale behind his choice; describing those things as resulting from “prana’ and “pranic choices”

He simply needs to set this idea in motion for the student to commence a process of auto-indoctrination. Once introduced to the concept, the idea insinuates itself into the consciousness informing every decision in light of this new ‘paradigm’.  Furthermore, by introducing the key idea that thought and emotion is ‘wrong’ he creates a distrust within the would be student in their own ability to make that decision. They soon come to see their own reactions as flawed and ‘pranic’. To reinforce this process Serge offers healings, workshops, meetings and group support aiding the student in letting go of their own critical faculty.

The Student blogs are bursting with descriptions of self-indoctrination and details of how critical thought has been abandoned. It is also very interesting to note how many of the students mythologize their childhood and how Serge uses children as ‘proofs’ that society and the world at large corrupt people with ‘pranic’ thought. In the Universal Medicine doctrine, children are ‘claire sentient’ which is later suppressed (often blamed on parenting, schooling etc) and a goal is to return to that state of ‘innocence’.

 However, it is well known that children before the age of 6 or 7 view the world in a non-critcal way, since they lack the high functioning critical faculty that develops as the brain does. It has been covered in another post here how Stage 1 thinking is replaced by Stage 2 which is ‘reflective’ and ‘high functioning cognizant states’ that have allowed humans to self-reflect, excel, advance, and have a sense of the future, past and consequences of choices. Faculties clearly lacking in children.

So in actual fact, Serge’s doctrine of ‘soulfullness’ is really about switching off the critical faculties and returning to a child-like state. This rings true because it is in that state we absorb much like children, who fail to grasp inter-relatedness, reason, meaning, consequence and experience the world ‘as is’. In this state we are more prone to re-programming as the critical mind is not testing the probity of the information or its source. Remember, we have gained our understanding of the world- our key values and personality traits- from the influence of that period. Many base assumptions, values and predispositions are formed in that time. That is why this period is deemed so critical in a child’s development. (Consider children in varying cultures and subcultures, their development and subsequent worldview. Consider also how some children manage to carve out their own sense of self despite their milieu and what faculty might been at play to have allowed that to occur)

Therefore, when a ‘student’ is asked to do ‘the work’ they are being asked to turn off their adult minds and to absorb a new paradigm- a sort of an over-writing of base programming*. All Serge needs to do is to introduce those ideas and much of the so-called ‘work’ is done by the student- self-indoctrination.

Below is an exchange between a student and Serge describing that process. It is interesting to note that Serge has no problem sharing this with the followers at large.

*Exit counselors inform me that many ex-member display symptoms of low emotional empathy and poor critical functioning well after leaving cults (and Universal Medicine) as a result of this base reprogramming.



“Dearest Serge,
I am writing this email as part of the process of breaking an old pattern after the ridiculously silly email I sent you last time.
In the past, after doing something so utterly ridiculous, I would be too embarrassed, ashamed, etc and I would let those emotions rule me (don’t get me wrong I still felt all of that). It would be from that place that I would then make choices. For example — in the past I could have easily turned my back on the work after that silly little email. Absurd I know.
This process has allowed me to see why so many people do turn their back on the work, how you can so easily run with spirit and get swept away in spirit’s roll-coaster of a ride.
The choice of choosing Prana for us has become an automated choice, just like the way we have learnt to read, you can not look at word without reading, how driving a car has become a learned behaviour, that it is now an automatic response (why its so easy to check out when driving) … so to is choosing prana automatic … we have chosen it for lifetimes, that now its so automatic we are not even aware that we are choosing prana. I understand now when you say, ‘when we are not choosing fire, we are therefore choosing prana’, because we made that choice too many lives ago.
Becoming consciously aware that my life has been ruled by an ingrained learned behaviour, i.e. seeking recognition in all that I do, I am now starting to see the thought patterns that take me down the recognition path, and I am slowly re-imprinting my life. Its not a perfect process I am human after all…  this process is also showing me other ingrained behaviours I have. Why I do things the way I do, why I am not claiming myself … but rather than beat myself up, its more like a ‘aahhh ok that’s what I do, that way does not work, so how can I do it differently’.  And that by choosing fire, I can start taking responsibility — rather than indulging in my irresponsibility by choosing prana. (This brings up allot of hurt)
Choosing love is not a big bang theory it’s a simple “aahh”
Its not about becoming ascended master in this life or the next, its about choosing love in this life so in the next love can easily be chosen and lived forth.
Thank you for being you.
With Love, Kylie”

Kylie has put it into the very simple it really is. Not much more needs to be said. 
Except that —

We must not forget that complication is another form of recognition.
Therefore, nominate the issue as it happens. Leaving it for later is like leaving an open window on the coldest day, and then into the night. We would not do that so it’s the same energetically.
When an issue first comes up, it is usually no more than a simple ‘oops’, or an ‘aahhh’ as Kylie puts it. In other words, it is easy to spot when it first occurs and thus easy to dispel as it not being you, which is indeed what the truth is. You see, we are not the average citizen who for now chooses to know no different. We do know, and we do have the skills and techniques to deal with these incidents/issues when they first occur.
It’s at that time of the ‘oops’ that we can nominate it and call it for what it is instead of the bigger mound it is later when the astral feeds it from grain into mountain.
Seeing what is not you and calling it for what it truly is, 
is worth the daily custom.
And a bonus for you – from my new teachings book —
Listen and pay attention to life in every way, 
it is all designed for you to know the grand you truly are.
With love,

Serge Speaks….again.

More Serge Speak [Part 2]

Serge gives us his views on everything, again. More of the same, a little self promotion and some magic dust and presto! More thought reform and a few more pounds in the pot. Look out for the 10 year old staying with Serge and family on the weekends.
In this edition we have proclamations of Evil, the only music in the world, children staying at the Benhayons house unsupervised and unintelligible waffle. Please join us…

EDG October 2010

[ the usual preamble to remind the student why they are there and the rationale behind the edifice of Serge’s shambollic ideas]

Expression is Everything
– every plane of life has a consciousness
– in the occult sense everything is just consciousness- levels,planes of created life etc.
– everything that exists is a reflection of the Divine
– each level of consciousness has itʼs own reflection/life
– our goal is to match the occult consciousness
– this cannot be done on earth because we are in physical form
– physical form did not come from Divinity
– but we can match the Soul plane consciousness – ( it is like life on Sirius)
– the Soul is the highest reflection on earth – physical form is not itʼs preferred body, as it
was created in separation
– life in a consciousness is expression
– everything that occurs is an expression
– every move, word, action, how you stand etc.
– everything is contributing to expression, contributing to that consciousness
Serge moves his hand – according to Occult consciousness this movement is felt
– because we do come from the Occult consciousness there is in the psyche of the spirit
an enormous amount of shame having walked away from Glory
– to counter this shame the spirit is fighting you in feeling that shame
– the l of f give force to that shame [ emotional, astral activity ] and we create our own
karma by putting up a guard
– with that guard in place we create a new meaning for life when we are in fact Glorious
There are only two voices that can come through youthe Soul and the Astral
– the Soul will express feeling all and including all
– the Astral stimulates individualism
– we cap ourselves by expressing in prana cutting ourselves off from our Soul connection
[A warning that gives the punter ultimate responsibility and reminds them to choose Serge’s way]
The Law of Attraction
– in individualism we use the the Law of Attraction that puts out what we need to come\ back to us
– whether it is fame or chronic disease, all is a point of attraction for recognition
– a beggar is a spirit adoring the attention as much as a celeb on the red carpet, taking
your kidney energy the moment you drop and give them attention
– we cut ourselves off from feeling any connection with the soul but the soul is still there
– anything you do not from the soul you have called in the astral
– everyone has connection with their soul but choose to ignore it and call in the astral
The great illusion is if you reject the plan and work for the astral plane.
– you are either Divine or Astral
Serge presents to us what we already know
– every single man knows what Serge knows
– we need to reach a level of honesty to leave the possibilities open
– this is the situation on earth
– the goal of the astral plane is to make sure the astral energy gets dropped into our
bodies – emotions are high on the astral plane
– those on the astral plane are super intelligent when it comes to energetic knowledge compared to us
– we were here a long time ago in etheric form before we became physical
– we got a buzz feeling something thicker than us and we went in
and sold out to the astral
The greatest evil is the ones that give the reflection of a ʻgreat lifeʼ
– those that have done well with the help of the l of f
– Hitler was is reaction to that – we removed Hitler like we remove a tumor but not the
energy it came from
– without looking at the root cause, the energy still goes on
– the ʻbadʼ are not really bad they are in reaction to something that they have denied
The Law of Magnetic Pull
– you can write music that is nice to the ears and devastating to the body
– like food that tastes great but is devastating to the body
The other way of life is totally different – with the 5 senses being used by the Soul
Channelling comes from the astral plane, into the empty person – feeding the astral plane
From the soul plane – You receive the soulʼs light on earth by reflection
You bring in a package, an,impress
You reflect it, you become it
Expression creates reflection – a unit of Magnetic Pull
The Soul does not send energy down to an empty person like the Astral plane does
If a person chooses to be soulful the Soul says ʻI can use thatʼ
Serge can only pull in what his Soul drops in – another pulls in what their Soul drops in
– it is too much for one person to hold everything from the Soul
– people feel ʻthatʼs the truthʼ – call in their Soul – immediately become the impress of the
Soul plane then they also emanate and inspire another to do the same.
– make a difference to humanity by you being a reflection of who you truly are – they will
come to you without a guard
– If you go out to help them their guard will come up
– just by being a living example – they come to you and ask ʻ what are you doing?ʼ –
Answer that it is a choice –
The Divine plan is to create many points of light to emanate the reflection of the Soul plane on earth
[ The ‘only’ sound on Earth is Chris James and his sons music? certainly one must have developed an ear on soul to listen to this, because to human ears the alleged music is a travesty. Poor old Juzzie cant yet cut it, but I am sure he will get there in due time and when he has done his penance]
Astral songs are deliberately feeding your emotions- putting you into a situation you can relate to. Songwriters feed people a story to escape into Its not teaching you or breaking a consciousness- it is making you enjoin
The Soul creates music that travels out creating emanation – giving you a moment of
nothing entering – allowing you to feel your own beauty
Astral sound knows how to enter your body
– if you knew the energy of the melody you wouldnʼt let it enter
The only true sound on earth is Chris James and the album Michael and Emma- Lee willbe putting out
– Juzzieʼs music is not quite there but doesnʼt penetrate- Serge is holding the energy as it is Juzzieʼs first go
[It’s intriguing to contrast this against UM’s public statements: “UM FAQ’s Page“- which typically try to dilute the absolutism of his ‘philosophies’ and mask that behind ‘choice’. The students are active participants in this deception]

Walk with your Heart – Chris James and Serge Benhayon
The Soul can produce a single song that attracts people that are looking for something
Walk with Your Heart – Chris Jamesʼ new album will resonate with a first degree to a fifth degree initiate There are songs on the album that prepare people for all stages ofunfoldment back to themselves
– songs that say ʻthis is the choice there is to be madeʼ
– some do not even know that there is a choice to be made.
Music can be made, [ Walk with your Heart is an example of this], that is initiating
possibility – creating a bridge and also relaying that this is the work – that there is love tobe done
[ Serge wants you to buy his eyepillows. By all accounts they are massive sellers]
The highest expression that Serge has put out on earth is the eye pillows- even when the scent goes they are still blessed
 [ Are you going to be doing the ‘work’ and on the side of good when the the Fire accelerates? more commitment]

Serge showed us how we can choose to be clear, command it and it is so.
Just be with yourself – feel the possibilities. In the new era make a choice and change the position to love – wonʼt need the gentle breath meditation unless very pranic and then it can be used as a bridge.
There will be another drop of Soul- full energy in December, so we will see more
intensification as the Soul gets closer, but for those who are choosing Fire there will be an acceleration in their Kurekshetra, after 2012 this will help those in the intensity, in their calamity to see who is truly clear to seek out for help.
[This is alarming. Serge should not be telling parents how to deal with their children given what he has done to his. Children staying at his house, given the question mark over the genesis of his current primary relationship? very concerning indeed]
Children and Parents
We need to claim our truth in all aspects of our life- especially with our young
– they have the ability to connect to their soul as a fourth degree initiate with freedom of expression
– give them the ability to express as it truly is – for this can clear them
– allow them to express how they feel – without giving off an energy of what you want to hear. Natalie read out an Email that was sent by the mother of ten year old Maddy from Perthwho stayed the weekend at the Benhayons.
When asked about her stay she said it was great and that Natalie and Miranda were
beautiful women. ʼLike usʻ said one of her friends – ʼNoʼ replied Maddy….. ʻthey are like blown up balloons and you are like balloons too, but you are deflated and you try to blow yourself up but then you you pop yourselves or let yourselves down.ʼ
– through the language of the soul Maddy gave all the women in her life and all of us a reading.
– she showed how we are all equals, all being balloons, but how we choose to make
ourselves less
– if the mother had energetically not wanted to be exposed the child will feel this and will feed you something that wonʼt upset or expose you
– Parents donʼt realize how they sabotage their kids from speaking the truth because they donʼt want to be exposed by the light of their children
Maddy also expressed how she was having trouble at school. She said that she was
struggling with herself and realized that it was like having a tug of war with herself and all she had to do was to let go.- and let herself be – didnʼt blame school, school etc.- instead claim responsibility- the fault is mine.
The reason a child will blame other kids etc. is because that is what the parent wants to hear.
As parents we suppress the light in our children so as not to be shown up
Parents crush kids because parents love a tug of war
Parentsʼ life is the issue – of not taking their light forward- so sabotage the children
The key is to allow your children to express the Truth and allow that truth to expose you.
Can bring light to your children by being Role Models
As 2012 draws near children will be more able to connect to their soul. They will come out with some amazing soul- full truth, very easily as the Soul plane is right there. The Astral plane knows this and so finds ways to counter .
[ When Serge doesnt like a movie, it certainly gets a bad rating. EVIL. One wonders if music is such a worry, why movies and TV are not generally commented upon. Could it be that there is no money in this for Serge therefore it doesn’t warrant consideration? And imagine if all the students had all that time on their hands to email him their every pranic though? dear me]
One way is through the media. Serge has found a movie even more evil than Avatar,
called The Last Air Bender. It was based on a cartoon that was full of light – about light -with a boy that could change the world of form with his light. When he used his power light would come up his spine and light up his crown and pineal gland. In the movie they have replaced the light with tattoos that run up his spine and finish at his third eye and to top it off he trains in Martial Arts to develop his powers – whereas in the cartoon the movie is based on, he just naturally had them!
All we can do is…..
Choose Fire…
Walk with Gentleness and Grace….
Why Wait….
There is a River of love inside you…..
There Love to be Done
With Love

Let Serge Speak

 A Series of Lectures from the Master.  [Part 1]

There is tomes of information and Esoteric Development Notes available to us and rather than writing dry dissertations on Serge and Universal Medicine, we thought  we would let him speak for himself.

Following are some notes taken at a recent meeting. Like all of the meetings, the content is designed to reconfirm Serge’s worldview and to recommit the students to the process. That is, the  ‘thought-reform’ process laid bare. Not that you might notice it when you are there, as Serge is cooing his words and you are surrounded by beatific half-grins of Mona Lisa copycats and showered in love-ly hugs and swept into the vortex of the group love festival.

He uses a technique of presenting ‘information’ as counterpoints to the standard paradigm, questioning their veracity; be it life, love, affection, our sense of good and right and wrong, and then introducing his version which informs the students that by doing so they will be rewarded with a ‘better type of love’ (which is never defined) and that they are in ‘true service’ to the world, rather than themselves.
He also uses key words to impress his ideas and a sense of himself upon the student. Integrity is meant to mean ‘ commitment to ‘the work’. Love becomes ‘not serving yourself and your needs, but ‘the work’, and so forth. Other phrases and terms that form the group lexicon pop up regularly. This has the added effect of once again informing the students of the purported nature of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; while in reality all he has done has shifted the word meaning. This explains in part why these words and assertions appear repeatedly on their blogs and emails to media outlets.

EDG April 21 2012
[Reason we need to heed Serge’s views]
• We all carry with us hurts from the past. Some more than others.
• These prevent us from feeling who we truly are.
• Our essence is Divine and despite our hurts we need to acknowledge this, give power to this and celebrate this fact – claim it baby!
• We can describe ourselves as amazing, awesome, glorious because this is what we naturally are – all of us equally so.
• The majority here on earth cannot see past their hurts and live a life based on needs. There is no other consistent frame of reference for how life can be lived.
• We are told and accept how to be by the world.
[ Subtle relationship messages- Serge works at each EDG to turn women’s and (some) men’s view of their primary relationships over. It is the old divide and conquer strategy coupled with his narcissism and the need to be the dominant and unchallenged male figure]
• Men say ‘I do’ to society long before any other relationship they may have.
• There are expectations: men are strong, responsible, don’t cry, not sensitive, providers etc….
• Women are conditioned to feel inadequate without a man but don’t honor themselves and accept all the needs from the man which in turn re-affirms the mans behavior back to himself as being ok.
• There is no true love in the relationship only the meeting of needs in an unspoken
• There is no ‘proof’ or ‘role-model’ that shows life can be different
• Is it possible that through Serge and the work of universal medicine we have been
shown an alternative way of being that is vastly different to what the majority live on
[ And by changing your relationships status, you are told that the outcome will be superior…]
• And even experienced for ourselves a more truth-full, harmonious, loving way of being.
• Perhaps in a small way or perhaps hugely life changing way?
[Serge will explain that your normal life, self motivated, is essentially wrong. By enjoying life you are:]
• A spiritual journey through life maximizes your experience of being human in all the
myriad of human experiences that this could possibly encompass. The spirits expression having a ball. ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it’s all just an experience for the spirit. Reckless. Irresponsible of what it puts the body through. Irresponsible of what it puts out for others to deal with.

[ therefore disease is a punishment to make you realize Serge is right]

• It can take a major disaster to bring a stop to the spirit and cause it to question its
choices. Cancer. Accident. Etc.
• The path back to self can then begin. First done in the energy of wanting to make a
better life for oneself. So still about the spirit.
• When we connect to our essence, the pulse found in our innermost cannot be kept to oneself and we realize that life is about all of us as humanity and we commence the path of unfoldment. The spirit eventual gets to this although the soul may have to give it a few\ kicks along the way, and then the realization that life’s not just about me me
[ and then you allow yourself to ‘align’ with those ideas, even if your critical mind is at first resistant- This is the start of the self actuated/Serge assisted thought reform process]
• This process of unfoldment pre-fabricated. That is it is controlled by the divine energy.
[it is a simple world view designed to polarize your’s and diminish your ability to discern shades of grey:  You are a “puppet of energies”, meaning you cannot think for yourself. There is a better way that Serge will show you]
We are either puppets of fiery energy or puppets of the panic energy. The difference
being is that the prana only let’s you see the prana but the fire lets you see the whole
• Once truly felt the self gets smaller and feelings of commitment, purpose, expression become bigger.
• Life is all about expression
• Divinely we learn to express love and present a reflection for others to see and be
inspired by as another way of being here on earth.
• Practically we express all that is not, adding to the existence and reflecting back, reconfirming that this is the way things are.
• Learn the power of grace & divinity. Not about showing but reflecting.
[but in order to do so, you need to get your ‘self’ ( and your own desires, relationships, loves that are not real, and so forth, out of the way]
• We can speed up the return by getting the self out of the way.
• Serge and universal medicine provide a great reflection or model of a different way for us and humanity to be.
[Serge is masterful (a messiah in fact)  and could show all humanity the way to be, but that would be done in the wrong energy]
• Serge can do this all himself but this would come from an energy of him looking after us.
• We need to claim it for ourselves.
[Now for an advertising break. Serge would like your money please]
• We have a clinic in Brisbane and various others around the world. Uk, Germany, Norway.
• In the Uk we also have an amazing centre built by Unimed with money raised by
students who felt the calling for such a project.
• All these present a reflection for society to see as a different way of being.
• Serge plans to run 2 aged care facilities to assist people in death so as much prana as possible can be dumped into their bodies. This is their last chance to be presented with love in their life and may for some be their only experience of being met in life. So next life they will come back knowing a different way of being.
[Authors note: there is big profits in aged care, and very little in education. I would have thought education is paramount. Interesting]
• There should never be an esoteric school (like they have Steiner schools) . Kids need to learn how to bring it to the world and the world needs that reflection. No use keeping it all exclusive and then not being able to hold it in real life.
• Aged care is different as we become vulnerable at this age and requires an environment to prepare for death.
[ Please give money presented in a well known sales device known as the ‘take-away. By having the would be donor think about how they are giving it, they are distracted from the decision of doing so. Rather than ‘shall I give money” it becomes “Am I worthy to give money?”]
• So there is a need for money to set all this up BUT the money must come from the right energy first.
• Donations coming from guilt or an energy of trying to fix things will not be accepted.
There is no point donating if you can’t afford it or you get some buzz out of philanthropy. All these reasons are laced with an energy, an ill seed with an astral origin which creates a shaky foundation on which anything built with that money would stand, an opening which could bring the whole thing down at a later date.
[ Serge asserts his integrity level again to remind them he is not your common business man. ]
• The integrity of Serge is such that he will not allow donations to occur if there is not first the livingness from the students.
• We don’t need good ideas and intentions. The ideas are already there to be felt and
impulse by. All we as students of ourselves need to do is connect and live our lives in connection and offer that reflection to the world and the rest will unfold as it will unfold.
[ Crazy talk- Serge thinks he is a woman in a man’s body. But he is going to hang onto his copyrights]
• Alice A. Bailey made the mistake of not having control over the publishing of the books she wrote and as such a panic seed made its way into the ‘lucis trust’ which now bastardise her work. She will not make the same mistake this life!
[ confirming financial commitment while performing another ‘take-away’- Sponsor means ‘pay off’ for the lay person]
Everything gets out to everyone eventually. None of the work can be kept for the selected few who can afford to do the retreat or the course etc.
• You need to develop a financial relationship with Unimed which you can afford.
• If you can only afford Esoteric Medicine/EDG every month then that’s already massive and very affordable for you. All the info will reach you eventually.
• Do what you can
• If you really feel to attend a course but really can’t afford it then ask Serge and he will sponsor you – if he feels you coming from the right intention.
[ The word is a device to keep the student working and to give Serge power]
• This was learnt by those at the Lennox Retreat
• Those at the Vietnam retreat did not receive this word. They experienced glory in a
different way.
• This is a word that describes an expression which you have chosen to bring to earth which humanity needs to have reflected.
[ Serge redefines the meaning of ‘Love’ at all turns. This is the main game. By doing so he can change how the student feels about their primary relationships, and presents emotional loves as ‘pranic’ and his version as ‘soulful’ and the path to their and the worlds salvation]
• Love is what is truly needed as a reflection for people to expose everything that is not love about there lives. To show an alternative.
• BUT the word ‘love’ here on earth has been so bastardised to mean attention, affection, sex, comfort etc etc more about needs being met than true love.
• It is not possibly to reflect love, only to be love so it is necessary to reflect love without reflecting love – hence the divine word
• Examples: cherish, delicateness, absoluteness, responsibility, commitment, adoration, brotherhood, truth, divine austerity, preciousness, precision…….all facets of the one unified truth…love.
• The Spirit knows what your divine word is and has bastardised this also.
• This is how you have held the world to ransom.
• Your spirit makes the word about self.
• Eg. ‘I am delicate and if the world cannot be delicate then I am certainly not going to be.
How can I be delicate in a world that is not?’
• The spirit doesn’t want to realise that the world needs a reflection of delicateness. The world needs you to get the self out of the way and be all of who you are so it has a chance to experience love through delicateness.
• The divine meaning of words is different to the re-interpretation we have given them
[again, a reminder to abrogate your ‘self’ in favour of ‘spirit’- ideas which Serge is giving you]
• It’s not easy to uncover what your word is because the spirit does not want you to know it.
• It is necessary to get the self out of the way.
• We can break down the spirit by looking at how we have hurt the world.
[counterpointing- and resetting moral compass. A well known technique of using emotionally laden ‘negative’ words and linking them to ‘positive’ words to de-anchor their absolute meaning]
• It is easy to spot the obvious: lies, greed, anger, rage, aggression, murder, rape,
jealousy, drugs etc etc
• But it’s the times when you think you were doing ‘good’ – were you really in the divine sense of the word? Did you personally gain? If you did in any way then you are not doing good. Does giving to charities in the way we give to charities really do any good? It’s
about looking at the bigger picture. Removing all the needs and attachments you may have developed for the world to be a certain way.
[ Asking for commitment, and affirming that the students current way of living is causing them harm and also the world, giving them ultimate responsibility to change to Serge’s worldview]
What level of integrity are you willing to go to?
• How would you do things differently – re-imprinting what you have done.
• If we can honestly say we have felt the harm we have done by our way of being then wea re able to clear that karma from ourselves.

For more information on thought reform, visit this post. Thought Reform Methods by Serge and UM