The Ancient Wisdom that never was.

Universal Medicines core tenets are based on an alleged “Ancient Wisdom”. Serge fans will often be heard to utter in defense their beliefs, “It is just ancient wisdom” as if it has a life of its own, and was a collection of insights that had been passed down the ages and ended up in Serge’s hands one fine day, just in time for Serge to have his nicely timed epiphany.

In the beginning Serge was reliant on the work of Alice A Bailey, an Edwardian age theosophist, occultist and plagiarist who it has been said is the mother of the new-age movement. Like Serge, her sources were largely non historical disembodied people, and re-appropriated ideas from eastern religions.

Not happy to share the limelight with Alice, or probably insulted the Lucis trust- the custodian of Alice A Balleys work- hit him with a cease and desist order, Serge decided to invent his own disembodied sources and misappropriate ideas from eastern religion himself. Shortly after their denouncement of him, he declared Alice too “intellectual” and that in the new era, it was all about ‘the heart’. To create a bit of continuity he kept the jacket of the books blue, and diagrams like they were out of an Edwardian mediums notebook.

Serges alter ego and former self. Alice Bailey

There are six volumes of Serge’s ideas. All of them reference Serge and the Hierarchy, Serge himself, one or two entities and even Miranda Benhayon as the sources of the ancient wisdom. Ancient implies to me a time in the past. The term Ancient Wisdom invokes an images of ideas, beliefs and knowledge that has been passed down through the centuries either overtly or covertly, coming from great traditions, great minds and lives. Now while Serge does refer to Pythagoras or da Vinci and others, he does so in a name-dropping manner, leaving the reader to infer a connection, when of course none exists. At no time does Serge directly quote any person from the past as a source of the so called wisdom. Nor does he credit a tradition or movement with the same. The reason, naturally is that there is no connection and no ancient wisdom that has either been passed down the ages directly, or to be inferred from these people or traditions.

Ironically, Serge elects personalities such as Da Vinci as exponents of the Ancient Wisdom, when in fact, Leonardo’s jaw would have dropped at the mere thought of much of Serge’s woo non sense. Da Vinci is considered a father of the Age of Reason for very good reasons. He believed that anything that could not be verified by the senses was not worth debating or spending precious time in contemplation. This was a major divergence in the investigation of the order of things that had existed to then, where revealed ‘truths’ superstitions and mysticism reigned supreme for a millennium. It was a triumph of human endeavour to cast aside ones predilections, religious dogma’s and bronze-age superstitions and work with the senses rather than against them. It was the birth of modern thinking which led, good with bad, to the industrial revolution, the technological revolution and then unprecedented wealth, comfort, liberty, literacy and lifespans for this generation of humans living right now. Free of the tyranny of stupidity , even your everyday modern man or woman has expectations and rights that our forebears could not have dared dream. Our societies have liberalized, equalized, modernized and improved on unimaginable scales. Even Serge can hop on a first class flight to London and be there in a day or so. Modern thought is quite egalitarian in its fruits and doesn’t discriminate against even its most ardent enemies.

In short,  the new-ageists, Serge and his followers have benefit enormously from the rational thinking, while at the same time being deeply suspicious of it. In the 19th century scientific thought was a liberating renaissance that captured the public imagination. And with good reason. It offered salvation in this world in the now. In the 21st century, living in the lap of luxury it created, increasingly the middle-class and rich pour over dark-age thinking and and prehistoric explanations of the world for a deeper meaning; the reason? It appears to offer Salvation in another world. Typical human thinking: The grass is always greener. The reward is always later. Now is not good enough. Serge and his ilk prey on that human weakness of being unable to enjoy the now for what it is, and our inbuilt desire for certainty rather than inquiry. It’s a winning formula for the cultist and a beguiling trap that the vulnerable and the well meaning seeker can fall into with ease.

However, Serge, like many new-ageists, likes to call his ideas ‘the science of’ something or another, but that is simply a facade for the very fact that there is no basis, least of all science behind his inventions. Science is based on skepticism. It is an inquiry to disprove a theory or idea. Serge’s ideas on the other hand rely on abandoning critical reasoning in order to sense the truth (in-truth/spherical) of his fictions, which as Leonardo had observed sagely 400 years ago is impossible and utterly ridiculous.

The Father of Reason, Leonardo da Vinci.
Another of Serge’s former lives.

“To me it seems that those sciences are vain and full of error which are not born of experience, mother of all certainty, first-hand experience which in its origins, or means, or end has passed through one of the five senses. And if we doubt the certainty of everything which passes through the senses, how much more ought we to doubt things contrary to these senses – ribelli ad essi sensi – such as the existence of God or of the soul or similar things over which there is always dispute and contention. And in fact it happens that whenever reason is wanting men to cry out against one another, which does not happen with certainties. For this reason we shall say that where the cry of controversy is heard, there is no true science, because the truth has one single end and when this is published, argument is destroyed for ever.”
Leonardo da Vinci, Trattato della pittura

Serge’s books are mostly a collection of well worn new age ideas repackaged as his own and given a dark twist. Generally the new age is about love, light, creating wealth and health, and at its worst, an unhealthy focus on the self to the exclusion of others. What differentiates his ideas from the mainstream is his need to be the authority. He rejects the new age, mediums. meditation and spiritualism with one hand and then redraws with his other calling it the new era, the impress, gentle breath and soulfulness, while more or less conveying the same notions. He has taken self absorption to unprecedented heights, describing any connection with other humans via empathy and compassion as evil and fraught with karmic danger. He underlines his whole package with a terrible darkness where lords of form lurk trying to trick humans into eating pranic food, having sex, enjoying music, their bodies, sports, or just simply living their lives and having relationships which according to this doctrine, will lead to bad karma and ensuing incarnations.

It is as if Serge’s primary need is to be right not happy. He is unwilling to give any quarter or credence to any other doctrine from which he has clearly lifted his own. It so happens that this attitude benefits him as the followers are attracted to the apparent exclusivity of his ideas. It makes them feel like they are on the right path, not any path.

There is nothing Ancient about the so called philosophy. Its source is Serge’s imagination, or as he puts it, an impress. His authority is dis-incarnate beings which he alone is in contact with. Of course some of them are well known religious figures and others are new age inventions. There’s nothing wrong with having philosophical ideas which emanate from the mind, but he claims they don’t, and worse still, many of the ideas make little or no sense other than to give a vague impression of being wise and esoteric. Even when he quotes real world figures, such as Einstein, he gets it wrong. His books deny hundreds of years of scientific inquiry, and appealing to the new age zeitgeist, dismiss evidence based thinking as arrogant, and instead promote airy-fairy confirmation-biased wishful thinking as ‘in-truth’. Yet, using evidence based ideas, such as the internet, the printing press, and cellular communications, Serge transmits his messianic message to his flock of faithful followers who all intone “ancient wisdom” as a defense for their irrational beliefs and unusual dedication to the former tennis coach with a hazy past; preferring to believe his tall tales than the more simple facts that keep popping up before them.

Those reasons why are complex. But the truth is, there is nothing Ancient or wise about Serge’s doctrine. It’s a pop-up religion hobbled together from various sources bereft of any moral core, with confusing and contradictory ideas, meant to muddle the minds of those that follow. Nothing else.

There exists beautiful philosophy in the world, some ancient and some modern. Much of it is well thought out, poetically presented and life changing. Some of it comes from the people Serge claims are his former incarnations. All of their work contradicts him.

For anyone considering UM and its ideas, I urge you to pause and start Googling those people to start with. Read their ideas. Check out the new age movement roots.

Best of all, ask yourself why it is you need to give your power to one man who claims to know everything. That is the seed of your own true awakening.


Mama Mia! Here we go again

Not again Leo
Not again Leo

We were anticipating that UM members, with nothing better to do than to shun facts, would work away to have our sites pulled down. So here we are again. I guess they should know, the truth doesn’t go away. It just resurfaces somewhere else.

A few months back when the media attention hit the group, they formed a think-tank. Part of their strategy was to set up a series of pro-Serge and UM sites, which would only allow positive cult member comments. The other was to try and shut down sites that had an alternative view. They believed, I imagine,  that a proliferation of blogs would rid them of links to media stories of page one of Google, and that unsuspecting would-be recruits/customers would read their testimonial blogs and all suspicions would be washed away.

It seems then that they are apparently suffering from the same dissonance that has them not understanding they are in a cult. Their blogs confirm to the non-member their cult like nature, and their attempt to blitz links to other stories off Google has failed. As has their attempt to remove our blogs from the internet. In fact, I predict, the more they attempt it, the worse it will get.

If there is not proof enough that Universal Medicine is a nasty cult, I find it remarkable that Serge himself doesn’t have the wisdom to shut down those blogs. They do him a disservice as it shows his followers as just that. Moreover the fact that the blogs are about him says a lot more than if they did not exist at all. “Me thinks he protesteth too much” I am particularly fond of their spirited defence of why they are not a cult on their own site, which ranks number one in Google, and reads like it was penned by a cult . Some of the blog material is defamatory and clearly shows that the members are less than loving if the subject is not a member of the cult. If the group was about love and brother hood as they claim insistently, they would have the common sense to remove them forthwith. They haven’t and of course they have already been documented should Serge or the group ever embolden enough to claim they have been defamed.

And so we continue. More revelations to come soon.

Traffic Triples overnight

Universal Stuff up boosts traffic.

Quick note. It appears from stats that the blocking of some posts on this and the UM Accountability blog has driven traffic through the stratosphere. Of course this is having the added benefit of pushing the blogs up in the google rankings. Thanks UM Members for another job well done.

All of the material has been saved and if needed will be available on an alternative URL. You can access all the post at www.

The material is still available to European and US visitors without changing the URL extension. More than half of the traffic for this blog originates in the UK, Germany, US and France in any case.  Page views yesterday in total exceeded 650 with most of the traffic coming via Google searches.

More revelations coming soon.

Cult Strikes again!


In a typical cult like move, it appears UM may have spent a few dollars and gone to a court and managed to get a cease and desist order off to Google to pull down posts and blogs here and at the accountability site. So far they are following the cult handbook.

  • They have their own blogs where the edit and only allow cult members to comments
  • They have set up a “Media” organization to deal with criticism
  • They have worked their collective bottoms off to bring down information exposing their true activities.

Alas, this was fully expected and all the material will return soon at a new URL.

Meantime, for all those following the antic of UM, the media remains very interested in the machinations of  Universal Medicine and the not so illustrious past of its leader, of which they are all fully aware. We would not be surprised if something like this will act as a to more of that darned ‘biased’ media they are so keen on ridding themselves of.

We’ll be back soon.

Deconstructing Serge- The "Truth"

Deconstructing Serge- Part 1.     

A lovely waterhole located on Serge’s Alstonville Property 


Over the coming months, time allowing, I am going to deconstruct both Serge the myth and also Serge’s great fiction of Universal Medicine. I thought it would be instructive to start with an analysis of Serge’s “spherical thinking” using an extract from his seminal work “The Way it is” which highlights a grab bag of moral ambiguities, confessional language, irrational arguments and just plain every day stupidity.
What is important about this extract is it demonstrates how Serge uses a system of confusional semantics to dislodge the aspirant from their long held view of the world, and wrangle them into replacing those with ideas that are the antithesis. It’s a lesson in how to turn good people bad. One of the known effects of cult-indoctrination is how members commence betraying those close to them, and this in part explains how that is rationalised in a ‘means over ends’ approach characterising cults. Put simply, they don’t know right from wrong, even though they know think they know what is ultimately right! Yes, the great paradox of the human mind.
In this little extract, typical of the whole subversive work, Serge is attempting to invert the meaning of “Evil” into a form of “good” and good into a form of evil- a favourite theme of his, and one he is  astonishingly successful at achieving amongst his followers.
What is very interesting about this piece, is that it has an almost confessional undertone. That is not just my opinion incidentally. The books have been through the hands of more than a few cult aware professionals and they have all remarked the same without prompting. See if you can spot what they are talking about.
 Here we go….


Evil does not exist. It exists only when it is expressed in thought form or in action, or both. When evil is not being expressed or acted, then, there is no evil.
This is of course, totally and unequivocally Irrational. If evil doesn’t exist then it doesn’t exist. It cannot both not exist, and also exist – “when expressed in thought or action”. To paraphrase Serge, that is utterly ridiculous. I suspect that Serge himself is not aware that the two statements are mutually exclusive, any more than his followers appear to be. No doubt will call it ‘spherical’ which is Serge-code for “meaningless piffle designed to mess with your head”
Evil has many different and judged meanings. For example, a murder or rape is seen and judged as evil. But what if these were acts of another law gone wrong and hence, are in fact, not evil acts at all, but the Law of Oneness expressing its imbalance in the negative, which produces such acts we then erroneously judge as being evil.

In the case of murder or rape, the true evil is what created the original imbalance to the harmonious Law of Brotherhood which later attempts to re-balance itself, but not always in a harmonious sense, since the re-balancing expression may also be affected by evil.

Having opened with the absolute assertion Evil does not exist, Serge goes on to explain the ‘quality and origins’ of evil. He also parlays evil, or the act thereof, such as murder or rape (both curious examples which occur repeatedly in Serge’s works) into nothing other than a ‘rebalancing’. In typical ‘new age’ backwards logic, the victim takes a unequal share of the blame, and the perpetrator is simply expressing an act that ‘balances’ karma in an endless timeline of lives in the past and/ or future of which is being redressed. Total nonsense. But very dangerous nonsense that can mess with the psyche of the unaware.
In terms of truth, evil is an expression which is expressing from a consciousness that is separative to the consciousness which is God. God is love. If you know you are the Son of God, then you are not capable of any evil. True evil then, is the source that made or influenced the Son, to not know who they are, for if the Son would know, he would not murder, nor rape.
So to recap, Evil DOES NOT EXIST, yet not only do we now unequivocally have evil in contradiction to that, we have ‘true evil’ defined as the separation of consciousness from God, who according to Serge is Love ( which according to Serge is an emotionless, empathy, compassion and sympathy free state- otherwise known to the average person as antipathy- or hate)
It is a typical convoluted argument Serge uses to slowly confuse his ‘students’ in order to define a new paradigm. His.

Is the murderer evil or is the energy that put him into that consciousness the actual evil?…The above is presented in energetic integrity for the understanding of those who can read it without an emotional bias. Murder and rape are both horrendous and atrocious ill expressions of someone who is in deep pain. Such a person is totally contracted from who they are, so much so, that the presence of another who is also in that same totally lost consciousness can unite with them and thus the two and the three, will act out the ill expressed and vile expression.

Of course, it is impossible to “get it’ because like everything Serge says or writes, the meaning does not exist. His modus operandi is this: Present a problem; real, imagined or exaggerated, propose a question: “what if it was some other way” to illicit agreement ( okay, perhaps…) and then confuse with a circular argument ( it should come with a warning like you get in Microsoft excel when your arguments are within each other!) and then propose a solution that is ridiculous, but unprovable-  ‘ the reason men are hard is because they are not as connected to their clairsentients as women have the advantage of menstruation” and voila! You have completed a classic thought reform tactic of: De-anchor – confuse- re-anchor- The poor listener is left “pondering” the improvable argument which actually acts to suspend their critical thinking. Eventually, most people will cease trying to tease the argument out in their heads, and give in to the arguments as if they have meaning. This is not speculation my friends, but the known basis of thought reform technology of which Mr Serge Benhayon is unfortunately, a master either by design or accident. Ponder that.
Take note how Serge also gives hints how the reader should think “ For those who can read without emotional bias”. This is known as creating an expectation which the reader/listener will unconsciously conform to. Another example is to say “ I hate liars” which of course implies that the speaker is not a liar, when in fact they most likely are- otherwise why should they mention it? A good pick up artist knows to create an expectation in their intended target such as “Thank god! Someone with an open mind I can talk to!” which has the real effect of persuading the person to behave that way. Serge might say “I can sense that you are a really clairsentient person and that you are going to get this really easily. It’s like we’ve already met..” and yes, he has said that.
No one person can act in an evil manner. This Energetic Law. If this is difficult to accept by the ignorant or those who fear what is hear implied then look into the eyes of such a person and you will see they are not there. It is for all to know that no evil act is ever carried out by any one being, but the union of three who are sharing the same ill, contracted and lost way.

In every evil thought there is the presence of another (spirit) who is attracted to that state of being by the Law of Attraction. If this is given further emotional energy the thought itself will attract one other (spirit) who is also in that state of being. The force of the three creates the action we judge as an evil act.
So Serge is saying this: There is no evil, but there is evil if you are separated from God AKA love, and if it acts through you, but the victim is actually the perpetrator who is part of the rebalancing, and the perpetrator is playing their part, but they are not themselves because NOW there is an evil entity acting through them. It seems like you need a few people to do an evil act. They may be real people, or discarnate entities, but no one person, such as say Serge, can commit evil. It takes others to help him do it. So no one person is to blame. It is the group. Interesting stuff Serge.
There is no argument, from the human perspective, in such actions being judged as evil. However, it is important to note well that all rape, murder and other such actions stem from this negative union of three.
When the action is complete, the energy of evil, as a form, no longer exists, unless the original source, the wounded and very lost human being is further fuelled by rage, bitterness, frustration and resentment (all of these emotions are negative reactions of an unbalanced gall bladder). This will keep the three in union and further evil action will be fuelled by the evil thoughts. All this, interestingly, is powered by the negative energy of an out-of-balance gall bladder. This may have been influenced by the long-term storage of anger in the liver. All is energy and therefore has a rhythm and a flow, whether this is positive or negative, Divine or astral.
So ultimately, the gall bladder is to blame. It was the one that stored the energy and committed the murder, along with another two or three entities or people which was part of the rebalancing of murder or rape, which we ‘erroneously judge as evil’
In the case of murder and rape there is first, a separation from truth. That separation attracts others who are like-minded. This attraction draws those who are in the physical and the non-physical. The force of this union creates an expression which is not truth, but a separated expression from truth, which is acted on in a separative thinking manner. If the original source, i.e., the hurt person, was able to seek help and deal with the pain there may not have been a lower descent in their energetic state and therefore, the lower vibrational state of being would not have allowed the thought of murder or rape in the first place. This is why in-truth evil does not exist.
So to end Serge’s argument (or is it something else?) Serge is explaining that the victim more or less brought it on themselves, and others under the law of attraction were drawn to it, creating a union of like minded, contracted people with bad gall bladders who ended up committing rape or murder. And somehow that proves why “in-truth” evil does not exist. Also, if you think it is evil, that my friend, is erroneous. Got it?
Of course, dear reader it doesn’t make a whit of sense, and it is not meant to. The passages are designed to obfuscate meaning and confuse the reader-or aspirant-  as to the nature of evil, or as we outside the cult might call it, crime. It is to somehow make these acts less brutish and morally reprehensible than they really are. It is designed to shift blame onto the victim and to dilute the psychopathic nature of the perpetrator who committed the crime.

Personally, I find it very interesting that these passages are even in this book. How many self enlightenment books or great philosophical works spend so much time labouring over the nature of rape and murder? How many end up laying the blame on the darned gall bladder and a few conspiring entities and the victim? I’d say none, with the exception of Serge’s dark little self published book which I read somewhere is called “far reaching philosophy”
I will refrain from ironic laughter and end with this. There is something very dark going on with this man which I don’t like and it saddens me to think that so many well meaning people can so easily be mesmerized by a series of questions posed to challenge their reality when no sensible answer is forthcoming. There are so many good philosophies in the world and if you must believe in unseen creators, other planes, angels, devils and other lives, there are many other beliefs to indulge in that don’t revolve around one little man with small, misappropriate and mangled ideas that read like a justification for a life gone badly wrong.
There is no such thing as Evil, I agree. But Serge certainly puts up a sterling argument for its existence, there is no doubt.
From The Way It Is: A Treatise on Energetic Truth, Serge Benhayon, Uni Med Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, pp.305-7
Where it all began… Serge’s residence in the 90’s.
‘Elite’ Tennis coaching anyone?

A Response to an "Investigators" Perspective on UM

Investigating UM’s investigator.

Elementary my dear E.W…elementary!
It is certainly futile to take the arguments of the members head on in the hope of persuading them otherwise; however for others such as a partner or family member it is instructive to gain an insight into the processes of rationalization that a member, or indeed anyone else uses, to justify their point of view.
William Blake said: “When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do” and it is with that attitude the Unimed bloggers work relentlessly to convince each other of their found truth.  
However, mere humans are poor vessels for something as great and unadulterated as the ‘truth’. We wrestle with our own preconceptions, prejudices, conditioning, sympathies and antipathies to form a working model of the world that suits us. We reject facts that don’t agree with our model, accept those that do and misappropriate others that might.
Unimed students are not alone in that plight. They are however passionate in rejecting facts as if they did not exist at all. Be it the revelation of bankruptcy against a  tale of splendid wealth, or the intimation of a less than perfect desire at the seed of a relationship, or the insinuation that the books are cooked; the students forges ahead undeterred, shoulder to shoulder, cheek to jowl, chanting from the Unimed phrase book. As a study on cognitive dissonance it is remarkable, but I am afraid not unique.
The stark facts is that these students know nothing of the man they deify, and for whom they blog. They are caught in an inward facing huddle and a web of idea’s spun about them. Their ‘knowledge’, so called, is what is presented to them, reinforced by a common belief and a singular goal. They confuse truth with a hand-me-down information, knowledge with group hubris, and confound themselves with the greatest triumph of human intellectual folly of believing that what they know is greater than the sum of what they don’t.
In Serge’s case, what they don’t know, or refuse to know, is immense.  With that, let’s examine the essay of an ‘investigator’ who by inference should now that principle yet appears to wholeheartedly ignore it.

An Investigator’s Perspective Part 2: Is Universal Medicine a Cult?
by E.W. Police Officer, Australia
I have been a serving police officer for over 17 years: during this time I have worked within Metropolitan, State and Federal jurisdictions. I have had experience in policing some of the most culturally and socio-economically diverse communities. I have also had considerable experience in criminal investigations (including domestic violence, hate crime, clubs and vice) as well as the usual engagements associated with general duties.
As an experienced investigator, I wish to refer to the widespread press allegations that Universal Medicine constitutes a cult.
In order to accuse a group of individuals or an organisation of being a cult, one would have to establish the facts that would be typical of a cult – and not merely base the accusation on a supposition, or on the perceived habits or behaviours adopted by that group.
Even if some behaviours are difficult to accept, it is disingenuous and extremely prejudicial to attach a harmful label to some people simply because they have adopted a certain (in this case ‘healthy’) lifestyle. This does not constitute evidence of a cult; it is simply a biased distortion, propagated under the guise of a moral cause.
 E.W claims to be an experienced investigator. I am a simple educator. I along with a few others have investigated and discovered a number of disturbing facts regarding Mr. Serge Benhayon before his days as an enlightened master, and now. Should E.W use his or her power of investigative prowess so claimed, the same discoveries are there to be had. Obviously E.W does not want to find any facts that might contradict the ideas he/she has formed and chooses not to.
Moreover there is no accusation that UM is a cult. The facts have been well established here and elsewhere. That UM is a cult is in no doubt to people outside the group either by supposition (the way they act is weird) or by experts (the top two experts in Australia, Raphael Aaron and David Millikan concur that UM is a cult. Both have worked with many cults over the years and you might assume can recognise their character) Furthermore, a great deal ex UM students are receiving exit counselling by cult counsellors, the government is aware of UM as a cult at various levels, and quite simply, UM checks most every box in the criteria of a cult. 
What the member’s of course really object to is the idea that they are not intelligent enough to recognise a cult, or that they are being manipulated. This is of course understandable, and fair enough. They might be heartened to know that no one in a cult or manipulative group is aware of it, by definition. How can they be? If they were, these groups would not function as new recruits would be onto the game at the onset.  The core of this problem is the fundamental error I spoke of. They place tremendous credence in a small amount of information and nothing in that they do not know. E.W, while claiming nearly 2 decades of experience, has evidently not bothered to fill those gaps on his or her story, and I think uses their experience cynically to convince the reader (that is member) that they possess insights that disprove the critics, because they possess expertise.
A cult, if one is seeking to define it, is not necessarily bound to a particular figurehead, but rather rests on the fanaticism of the participants: this being an essential ingredient, the label can therefore be applied to any organisation, institution or even a loose collaboration between individuals, where a common fixation exists. This application, of course, would prove very uncomfortable for those who find themselves obsessed with mainstream religion, political or ideological movements, certain football clubs, or even obsessive fan-based clubs. Certain elements in these groups have been known at times to defend or promote with extreme violence what they see as the sanctity or divine purpose of their ideology or belief… hypocrisy abounds.
Partially correct, but deceptive. There can be cult-like activities within all manner of groups. But that is hardly a proof that UM is not. It is akin to arguing that Idi Amin slaughtered less of his countrymen than Pol Pot, therefore he is not a genocidal maniac. The behaviour of other groups is irrelevant to the nature of UM and should not be considered at all in determining its nature. To do so is to use a irrational argument.
The fact that Universal Medicine (UM) is not a cult has already been comprehensively detailed by others: the continued arguments become circular and eventually non-productive. Bear in mind that the convenient marginalising of a group through false or exaggerated claims by a supposedly investigative media is itself a sign, as history demonstrates, of an ailing system.
Again, it has certainly notbeen comprehensively detailed by others. As an experienced investigator one would think that the (confirmation) biased scribbling of members of the group with recent university qualifications in psychology would fail to meet the basic test of information impartiality. I think it is only those few who have managed to convince themselves that UM is not a cult. Elsewhere it is incontrovertible. E.W manages to ignore, and no doubt, discount the expert opinions of other psychiatrists and cult experts and those dealing with the psychological effects of UM on those that have left the group. He or she even manages to ignore myself who has spoken with many families and ex members who all suffer cult like symptoms, fears and anxieties and are struggling to leave their ‘magical thinking’ behind and enter the real world and reconnect with their emotional and intellectual lives. The false and exaggerated claims lay on the side of UM, and E.W not only marginalises but totally trivialises the negative effects that these people are suffering by claiming the media to be doing what he or she is in fact doing themselves.
It is interesting to note that the police ‘Right to Silence’ caution derives from 16thcentury English ‘Star Chamber’ courts that were set up to hear appeals or petitions of redress, but through abuse these courts eventually degenerated into a tool of tyranny that was then used to make false accusations, particularly against perceived religious dissenters.
Being an accuser does not imply virtue or possession of innocence.
Let us remember that in every country, region or society throughout the world, many people adhere to beliefs and practices – whether they are religion-based or cultural habits – that are seen as challenging, incompatible with, or unacceptable to other segments within that society. However, this does not justify the use of hostile finger pointing or malicious ridicule. As a society we all hold a duty of tolerance: the law guarantees, to a point, a level of tolerance for non-mainstream, but acceptable lifestyles and practices.
For the mainstream media to attack UM by throwing ‘mud’, hoping that some will stick, is an exploitation of press liberty. Press freedom is a mandate granted with the responsibility of acting impartially and with integrity. This attack is nothing short of staggering, given that we are in a supposedly modern first world country, with supposedly responsible institutions.
E.W has gone from being investigative to offensive. Like all people suffering confirmation bias along with a stiff does of cognitive dissonance, he or she fails to realise that the media would have no interest in UM was it simply a religion and not something out of the ordinary. Yes, people are free to believe what they want. The media is not compelled to stay silent simply because those people object to others finding their beliefs unusual. That suggestions logical conclusion is censorship which effectively has been championed just recently by their UM sponsored organization, “Real Media Real Change”. Put simply, UM is interesting because by Serge’s own admission, it is different. Why would the members and Serge not expect media attention? It is astonishing to think that ‘mainstream’ society would not be interested in the grand and somewhat bizarre claims of Serge and Universal Medicine. Something apparently anticipated by Serge himself. What this comes down to is the members, and E.W simply don’t appreciate others finding their beliefs unusual and Serge claims ridiculous. If it were sympathetic, I am quite sure E.W and his or her ilk would be singing a different tune about the media.
Attempting to smear those who attend UM with a ‘cult’ label is a clear and deliberate means of attempting to portray what is a free will choice, as manipulation and coercion: it is slanted as though anyone associated with Serge or UM is merely a ‘lemming’. This is simply cheap and prejudicial name-calling – a sly, underhand method to open the back door for what is nothing less than a modern form of persecution – simply because others choose to hold a different perspective.
E.W is insulted because, like all members, they rightly feel miffed that they are being told they lack intelligence. It is understandable, and not true. People in cults are usually quite intelligent. They are usually professionals. No one has called E.W or any member a lemming. We understand the machinations of these groups and the first thing we would say is that the process is subtle and many people fall prey to it. It is not out of stupidity, but because no one is equipped to recognise a cult. There is no pamphlet at the corner store. No warning label on the booklet they are handing out. Most people are good natured and expect the same of others. 
We are not equipped to recognise deceit or manipulation, because we cannot easily recognise what we are not capable of ourselves. Once a person is within the group, with its social proofs, group resonance, shared ideology, tremendous feelings of love and community it is immensely difficult to see beyond its borders. That is the power of a cult and its nature- cult-ure. It is only when you can get far enough away that you can make out its form and recognise the inconsistencies that close up get blurred out. It may seem otherwise, but we are not here to criticise or condemn, but instead to be a clarion call from outside of that world so that you too may get perspective on something you cannot recognise from within.
I will say that I for one (and I being one of many I’m sure) have never witnessed any practice or behaviour at UM that would compromise the personal integrity, or independence of thought and action, or prey on the vulnerability, of anyone. And as for myself, I would without hesitation step up and challenge directly any such act, anywhere. In the nine years that I have attended UM presentations this has never ever come close to being a consideration.
I do not spend my time with manipulators, halfwits, gurus or evangelical preachers – I would find it torturous! I certainly do not, and would not tolerate, not even for a second, any cult leader lording over me, telling me how to live and where to spend my money to save my soul!
Nor do I have the patience to suffer fools, or keep company with those who think themselves important or special. I am for what is real – even if self-honesty reveals my own shortcomings (particularly belief patterns).
Universal Medicine’s only perceived ‘crime’ is the unique stance it takes in promoting personal responsibility in a society where it is all too common to blame anyone or anything else for whatever happens, when really the outcome is a result of our own choices or adopted habits.
Serge Benhayon is no cult leader! Anyone can attend UM sessions and leave without ever feeling obliged to comply, or believe anything. I would borrow from Shakespeare to sum up my experience with Serge Benhayon and his presentations:
Had E.W witnessed it, or more correctly, become aware of it, then E.W would no longer be in the group, least of all defending it. Unfortunately free will is an elusive thing and hard to conceptualise least of all experience. Humans are social pack animals and we are easy to manipulate. Again, we hardly recognise it when it happens. It is implicit in our wiring and goes on constantly at various levels via media, advertising, social and family pressures, education, culture, religion. We are prone to manipulation without careful reflective thought, and even then some. Serge is a masterful manipulator because he knows how to do so and also make people believe he is not influencing them in any way. His sleight of hand is obvious to anyone outside the box, but well hidden when within. Put simply he insists that everything he presents is a choice, while removing all others. He employs a range of well-known thought reform techniques such as massage, relaxation, group dis-inhibition and confession, catharsis, healing, group speak and meta-play (changing word meaning) to both reduce critical objection and to induce compliance. His core message that emotions and thought are an illusion is the key to creating dependency. By creating false path- livingness– the student is encouraged to abandon their own true faculties to develop one that doesn’t exist with Serge insisting that he alone has developed it and to emulate him. 
Unfortunately for E.W, Serge is a classic cult leader. Moreover, he clearly thinks himself important and special and says so constantly, while of course also claiming to be no one special. That is a symptom of a grandiose narcissist. His persona of a charming, harmless, mellifluous-toned presenter masks a man who is intent on having others see the world his way and to pay dearly in order to do so.
It must be commented on that the core message of UM of ‘personal responsibility’ is appropriated from the new age movement, which is a symptom, if you like, of post industrial people in believing that their existence is central to the universe- We live in an age when narcissist tendencies are waxing and the New Age concepts of personal responsibility, cause and effect, fit neatly into this zeitgeist of self obsession that consumes us. Most modern ‘thought systems’, ideologies, self-empowerment movements are founded on this principle. Yet it is psychologically dangerous on the all encompassing scale proposed by these groups, and especially Serge. We are not speaking here of making the decision to stop smoking or drinking, or to eat healthily and exercise which are markers of common sense (and which UM members superficially and misleadingly lay claim to)  We are speaking of giving emotionally ill equipped people responsibility for past and future lives, energetic imprints, astral planes, soul development and all other sorts of things outside of their actual realm of influence. As if it is not enough to understand true cause and effect, introducing these notions can and does have devastating effects on the psyche’s of the members in and out of the group. 
E.W it is a crime, and as an investigator of long standing one you should take the time to investigate properly. Therefore, I agree whole-heartedly with your quote, should you decide to take it in the spirit which the bard intended and not in blind defence of a man that you know not.
“This above all, to thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” 

Thought Reform 101

Thought Reform 101- Auto Indoctrination Recap.

 For new people researching the effects of Universal Medicine or any cult thought system on their family members or partners, here is a summary lifted from a response from a Unimed cult member on an earlier post, whereby they bravely and candidly spelled out what they were thinking. We thank them for that.

The response quite succinctly highlights how thought reform work and in the words of a member.I’ve thrown in some remarks to illustrate what is going on.

Because Serge Said

The questions: Has Universal Medicine expanded or diminished your life in the NOW? Are your relationships fuller ( really), your purse bursting, your mind and spirit free to soar? or are you burdened down with choices of prana/fiery, ideas of future and past incarnations, astral plans, spirits, entities, divine plans, new eras, food choices, livingness, energetic attacks…..?

Ok. Here it goes.
Yes, relationships are fuller.
No, the purse is not bursting (still work to do on this one).
As for the mind and spirit free to soar, I assume that you have more choices now (?). I will say yes.

Yes, sometimes it is a burden to think about prana and fire all the time, as you want to cheat. I’ll explain. In a sense, every choice narrows down to a single question. Is what you are doing/eating/seeing/thinking love for your body? This question is calibrated feeling still first, then you ask your question (e.g. is drinking coffee love for my body?). If you break your stillness, then you can say that it is not good for your body.
This is the reason for having the gluten/dairy/alcohol/caffeine free diet, as it allows you to calibrate easier into the stillness.

[ the member is describing the process of keeping their higher critical mind switched off. There is compelling research on the effects of mediation and self hypnosis and how cults employ these techniques and ideas to keep their members in a state of voluntary semi-hypnosis. In that state, the person feels ‘blissful’, ‘serene’, ‘peaceful’- they are also highly susceptible to suggestion. To achieve this, the group or leader implants the idea through sessions and lectures that that state is desirable; or the goal. That state is re described and then idealised in their doctrine- the member yearns to transform into a person with those ‘qualities’. Serge has cunningly broken this process down into a simple moment to moment choice of prana/fire and asks the student to ‘check they are still’ which means to say, that their actions do not break them out of this prized semi-hypnotic state, which they term ‘livingness’)

Cheating means that you convince yourself that what you are doing is right for your body, when it is really not. For example, if you drink alcohol, you are more prone to lying to yourself then when you don’t drink it. Think about it, it is almost impossible (if not impossible) to be still if you drink alcohol. Therefore, every choice after it can easily be a lie (to your body), as you are unable to achieve the stillness.

As for ideas of future and past incarnations, they are not really a burden if there is an acceptance. For past incarnations the acceptance is just to know that what you put out in the past is here in the present. For future incarnations the acceptance learn to live with love so that when you come around to it you will find love waiting for you.

[The cult member is made to feel a deep responsibility beyond the normal scope of their lives. This has the dual effect of removing them from the responsibility of this one and the real cause and effect of their behaviour (I murdered that person because he murdered me in a last life/I was raped because I was a rapist/I have cancer because in a last life I was an abusive man) , and introducing them to an unbounded and irrational time line of cause and effect that reinforces the students ‘choices’. It gives power to those that ‘know’ their past lives (Serge for example) and can predict their future ones (Serge for example- We are all aware of students and tales of past lives as ‘explained’ to them by Serge)

One trick that Serge has in his arsenal is to break logic down by introducing an “X” factor. He calls this ‘spherical’ and normal thinking ‘linear’. In real terms what is meant is linear = logical and spherical = non logical. For example, Serge insists when something can’t make sense, you need to view it in a ‘spherical sense and in the whole’ and if you apply your usual ‘linear’ way of thinking it would seem ridiculous. He knows full well is is quite ridiculous, he is simply using a word subversion to keep the student suppressing their logic, which is a function of the higher critical mind.

Logic  ( Serge Speak- Linear) – A+ B = C 
Non logic ( Serge Speak- Spherical ) A + B * X = whatever Serge says.

Serge demonstrates this technique over and over again in his audio’s and to some extent his books. He commences a section using logic the aspirant can easily agree with, then he introduces the “X” factor in the next line of ‘reasoning’ to confuse the student. Like a pesky algebra problem, he presents the conclusion first- “the world is arrogant and if it knew everything, disease would not exist…right?” and then tells them the formula which the student cannot grasp and asks them to solve it. It is insoluble, so eventually they must seek him out for the answers, therefore introducing dependency.

One lovely thing about being a supernatural cult leader is there are a whole bag of “X” factors that are improvable and by definition, not disprovable. Astral Planes, Angels, entities, God, reincarnation.  

Ergo- A + B + X + Y + AB + R = What Serge Says. 
Where X = spherical, Y = why bother thinking, AB = All BS and R= Reincarnation.

Another neat benefit is that whenever he is challenged, it just tells them they “do not understand it spherically”]

As for astral/entity/energetic attacks they are becoming less of a burden. The reason is that you learn to accept more and more that any changes outside societies norm are generally met with resistance. Here is an example:
You change your food style to what your body wants — you meet the resistance of those who associated you with eating a food of some sort (e.g. ice cream, coffee, etc). Suddenly most people will go into thinking “you are not my buddy anymore, we used to have drinks/coffee/ice cream all the time”. This also has certain implications as suddenly your limit of places to hang out becomes severely limited, your friends might also be offended.

[The social effect has the added benefit of keeping the student isolated within normal society. It is highly doubtful that any non-student would care whether their friends is drinking coffee or not. However, we know the students tend to avoid places where coffee and alcohol is consumed, along with other ‘pranic’ places such as sporting events, concerts, events, etc. So in a real sense, and in the minds of the student, there is a wall between them and the rest of their community. This has the powerful effect of keeping them within their cult community and relying on other members who are subjecting themselves to the same auto-indoctrination to help them remain in theirs]

But in the end, Is it worth it?Yes

[ We will let the reader decide]